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3 Comments on "More Photos Of The Tejas PV6 First Flight"

2 years 18 days ago
I strongly believe that there is total disconnect between what IAF needs and what products are developed and what are the needs. There has been also apathy of the HAL to develop on its own as selection process itself use to take more than a decade and precisely 2 decades for AJT. Developing HPT 40 on its funding is a bold step by HAL as they are developing it from their money. The basic trainer is a very basic technology and more sophisticated plane P 51 mustang was developed in barely 19 months when america was lagging in aircraft technology… Read more »
Dalip Bhati
2 years 16 days ago

Arre Yar some decades back we were only making old bullock carts during which time they were making aircrafts and tanks (they made say 86000 tanks or aircrafts each) further when majority of them were fighting bloody wars majority of us were on Satyagraha when they were studying Physics and Chemistry we were busy with palmistry and astrology give Indians some to recoup then ask for results we will excell have patience

2 years 11 days ago

Gripen NG or any G is the ideal immediate replacement for Mig 21.Let us go and get it in sufficent numbers for a minimum 10 squadrons

Tejas can be used for comic relief – to showcase our so called capabilities and keeping the pulic sector boys in good humor .


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