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    Samir Chopra

    Hey Shiv, nice to see you have a blog up. I’m so glad Jagan got the CAS’ Commendation – no one deserves it more than him. Now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll make sure I check it from time to time.

    BTW, I never got that hard copy of the Indian Express edition you promised us 🙂


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    I witnessed first hand the pakistani bombing of Kalakunda, as well as the second sortie that resulted in a very visible dogfight. I am not sure, but it was either a Gnat or a Mystere IAF aircraft that was firing at an F-86, which was climbing vertically. At the top of the climb, the Sabre flipped over and rapidly lost altitude, eventually clipping the treetops before blowing up.

    As a student at IIT Kharagpur I had a ring side seat.
    Later, with testosterone running high we bicycled over to the wreck and were greeted with an unforgettable but gory sight that took away any romance associated with war. That sight is still imprinted in my memory 43 years later.


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