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    Good article. We should expose curruption in Indian Armed Forces.

    BTW, the Scorpene scandal seems to be having some substance. I read an Outlook issue that other day. I suppose Outlook was not entirely wrong.

    I doubt that Kaka (George Fernandes) took any money though.

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    Hi Mr. Shiv Aroor. I have commented earlier in the blog maintained by Mr. Ajai Shukla also.

    I would like to know about your views on the eligibility of Tejas as a candidate for the MRCA tender. It is known that specifications of Tejas are comparable to Gripen. Parameters like Max. external load, range, top-speed, altitude, manoueverability, avionics etc. of Tejas are comparable to that of Gripen.

    In my view, only procedural of formal hindrances may be against entry of Tejas as a competitor in the MRCA tender. I think, Tejas must “enter the fray”, immediately after IoC is obtained by it.

    In an ideal situation, Tejas should have unilaterally been chosen as MRCA. But in Indian work culture, backtracking from stated positions is tedious, because those positions become “hardened”.

    These “hardened” positions are :

    a) Tejas is a lightweight replacement of the MiG-21 only, and nothing further.

    b) Alll Air-Forces “like to have” a light, medium and heavy-weight fighters {source : Standing Committee report on defence, 2005-06 or earlier).

    In my view, such a clubbing of role of Tejas as only a lightweight MiG-21 replacement may be inaccurate, when from all sources that are available in the in public-domain, specifications of Tejas are comparable to one contender of the MRCA contract i.e. Gripen. To an extent, specifications of Tejas also approach that of the F-16 also.

    Thus in my view, Tejas must be given a opportunity to compete for MRCA tender, and one RFP for the same must be sent to HAL also.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Mr Shiv Aroor,
    A very good article on corruption.
    But this comment is regarding Maj Gen KTG Nambiar.This man is very dyanamic and undoubtedly the best officer who has served Meerut Cantt as Commander.As a Commander he was a against all the Land Mafias and took actions against them which can be seen by the amount of demolition done during that period.He converted the Meerut cantt into a beautiful place with broad roads,beautiful roundels and many other things.He changed Meeut cannt and is still know for his work.We feel disappointed to what has happened to him till now.We miss this officer a lot.This is not only my voice but the voice of the Meerut public.If u think all i said is not true u can take a survey.In the end, I would say that Officers like him should be encouraged to work and should not be demoralized by putting up a wrong case against him.
    Thank U

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    Shiv Aroor

    thanks anon. any clues about why such a case would be put up against him?

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    hi mr shiv aroor.
    read your article, really good one … but
    this is regarding maj gen nambiar, as a citizen of meerut i have know him as one of the most honest and dedicated army officer of meerut cannt had ever seen. and i am sure that when a person like him is rewarded in such a way, no one would come forward to fight against mafias. every one in meerut has appreatiated his work… and it is really sad that his name is being reflected in this list…. at least i would request you to unearth the truth…because it people like you who can do it…and the support of the people from meerut will always be there.


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