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    hilarious! excellent job! won’t this mean trouble? can’t wait for the navy grabs! do you think you will be able to get a grab of the IAC at Cochin?!

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    Hello Mr. Shiv. In my view, although the free availability of images of Indian security installation may be a redundant issue because higher resolution images may also be purchased separately, it is indeed a security threat.

    Now, indigenous extremist organizations like ULFA, Naxals, SIMI and others may also utilize the images to plot attacks.

    All naval bases being visible so openly may be detrimental to halt the operations of smugglers, who may devise their routes/plans accordingly.

    Thus, in my view the opposition as expressed by General J.J Singh are indeed valid and must be acted upon.

    Again, the fact that India’s opposition was entertained by Google may be confirmation of the adage that “Strength repects strength” (google being a smaller metaphor for the US; it is a large US company that is an authority by itself).

    Thank you.

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    Good job. I bookmarked and tagged some of the places here. You could follow that way, to mark new locations: they get referenced for future visits, and direct KML-Google Earth links are available on them.

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    Shiv Aroor

    thanks vish. keep them coming! my next post will be on navy bases. let’s see if i can find some new stuff.

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    Frankly, you have shown yourself capable of doing what a child could do given a computer and an internet connection. It is obvious that those who need images of India's bases can get them from Google Earth without your assistance.

    How about putting in better work and posting pictures of Chinese air and naval bases? That way it would be less easy to be critical of the infantile effort you have put in while getting someone else's knickers in a twist?


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