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    Dear Shiv,
    during ILLMEN substitute development (NELM) I have spend more than 6 – 8 weeks onboard INS VIRAT. ship is in great shape. but ur news is interesting, I was expecting that in next 2-3 years they will decommission it.

    I’m happy our NELM is going to be onboard for some more time ?

    it was a great achievement for our team, by now NELM got accepted by navy and installed onboard. You know it never under perform as compare to ILLMEN, in most of the cases alignment accuracy and subsequent navigational performance was even better.
    have a look


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    Shiv Aroor

    hi brahm,
    thanks for your comment. we’re all very proud of the work you’ve done. great stuff. and see you soon for the next story!

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    Hello Bramh. Firstly the work done by your company is innovative and very useful to the IN, and awe inspiring to me also.

    I agree fully with the apt quote on your company website :- You can become a true leader in any field only with research and deep understanding; it can not be achieved just by borrowing technologies from outside. Research makes you a pioneer where technology transfer makes you a follower.


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    chacko Joseph

    This is what I call Builders Navy. Its a sharp contrast from Indian Army and Indian Airforce which constantly Rant against DRDO in view of its own impotence.

    INS Vikrant can be used as trainer carrier 1012 onwards.

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    It is just amazing to see the difference between the navy and it’s sister services.
    The navy is able to do what it want with the same bunch of “government organisation”,while the IA/IAF gives out press statement higlight “what has not been achieved”.

    The Indian Navy has been the only true Indian power projection force within the defense forces and that too with recieving the smallest piece in the defense pie.
    The IA/IAF still harbours “just a little more than Pak” mentality and only react to weapon induction by Pak. On the other hand Navy presents an posture of overwhemling force.

    The IA/IAF would be better off learning a few lessons from IN rather then issuing statements in the press.


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