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    Shiv can you ask Admiral Prakash, that is it because of the arm twisting attitude of the US that we’ve had to consider buying the C-130 transports and P3C Orions coming with the deal, which is almost collapsing.

    Also ask him about the part III ‘what the Indian Navy wants, that the FOMA appointment which was de-operationalised during Madhvendra Singh’s time, should it be and will it be operationalised again, as this appointment causes a lot of disappointment among officers, who either put in complaints or their papers….also should it have more and bigger ships.

    Another question is all the Indian nuclear submariners being trained right now in Sosnovy Bor, will they just come back with training or with an Akula-II also, when will the PWR be activated for testing, after these people are back.

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    Shiv Aroor

    hi anon, that’s one of the questions i’ve put to him. do expect his reply on the SSN programme in a few days.


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