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  1. 1

    Mihir Shah

    “in between we had the strategic system”

    Wonder which system this is

  2. 2


    It must be either ATV or Sagarika. Have a feeling that it is the latter. Possibly something was tested in the guise of Dhanush. What is interesting to note is Dhanush is bulky to placed on a ship,but they still are bent on testing it. Why?

    During these days there has been several interesting info that has been thrown in the media.

    Defense minister say India’s strategic payload is 200-300 kgs. Very interesting point. I think he hinted at the weight if the nuke warhead.

    I am still to get conviced about the range of 3000km. And why do we need a payload capacity of 1.5 tonne. It is way too much .

    I guess the range declaration is been subdued to make sure there is no too adverse international reaction. By indicating the payload capacity ,those who should know have got the message.

  3. 3

    Shiv Aroor

    anon, you’re right — it was the sagarika. the test happened sometime in late march. very near to the astra/dhanush tests.

  4. 4


    So WHAT is sagarika ? SLBM ? SLCM ? LACM ? A universal underwater launch system ? another name for ATV ? 😀

  5. 5


    India Today runs a piece on Sagarika in its 30 april 2007 issue. But I dont buy the reasons for secrecy i.e. nuclear deal.

  6. 6

    sreepadh sai

    sir what is the time taken by AGNI 5 to chase the distance of 5000km?


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