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    Mr. Aroor, the Tejas is progressing at a fast pace now with IoC expected next year. In contrast, as per news reports the selection and negotiations with the winner of the MRCA tender itself shall take 3-4 years after the RFPs are released.

    In such circumstances, Tejas can be the MRCA of IAF, as significant time and efforts can be saved as compared to selecting a foreign MRCA.
    Again, as stated by Admiral Prakash, risks of poor supply of critical spare-parts, unfair prices and “arm-twisting” by any foreign country can be avoided when an indigenous system is used.

    Only political will by the IAF and Ministry of Defence may be needed, to select Tejas as MRCA.

    Thank you.

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    To understand the standard of Defence reporting in this country, just look at the reaction to the LCA LSP-1 flight last week….. just small snippets.

    How about the fact that this is the first production LCA which WILL SERVE in the IAF. How about the fact that it went supersonic in the first flight itself? great achievements by any standard. And yet, the Def Media is silent.

    Thats probably because they would have to eat their hats and toupee’s if

    Have they realized that it will take at least 3 yrs to choose a winner AFTER the RFP is sent, and another couple to negotiate the suite on the winning aircraft. And if the IAF wants customization, another 2 yrs at least. After that, it will take min 2 yrs for the first aircraft to come to India.

    Which means that we’ll see the first MRCA only in 2014-2015 at the earliest?? What about the delay there???

    And coming to the Delays in the LCA, which they so gleefully pin on DRDO, (only the german word Schadenfreude can describe this leering glee on their part).

    Have they noted the 2 year delay in IAF framing the ASR?? Or the 3 years without funds from 1990 to 1993?? and what about the sanctions?? What about IAF asking for a redesign of the wings because they messed up on their ASR?? If these hadn’t happened, the LCA would have surely flown by 1995-96, and would have been inducted by now.

    Even now, as the LCA is flying ahead, and problems of the are just a speck on the ground, the media seems to be stuck in the dark ages. So when IOC will be achieved by mid next year, the Media will still be talking about how the LCA is still in development 24 years after the project was mooted, forgetting the fact that core development on LCA was completed in 2004, and only side work on the Kaveri is going on.

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    Nothing less than 18 months before the final deal is inked after issue of RFP……anyway Shiv where do you get such good pictures from for your blog….they are so beautiful just like you

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    anon29, I completely agree with your views. The facts about the years of delays due US sanctions and IAF’s “tantrums” as rightly elaborated by you, are unfortunately largely ignored not only by a convenient media, but also the CAG and Parliamentary Committees, which regularly issue “reports” and “studies” blaming ADA for LCA’s delay and asking ADA to “speed-up the LCA”.



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