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    the reason why the nishant has a low endurance is because it has to be light enough to be truck launched from a hydraulic arm. same limits its payload.
    the reason why its got a pararecovery is because it has to be recovered in areas where there are no airstrips. so why these requeiremnts? coz the army asked for the nishant to accompany its fast moving strike formations and act as a tactical scout for the fba (forward battel area). as usual air force has no clue of the requirements that drive the nishant. i worked on the nishant from 1997-2000, it was a challenging task- i was with the hydraulics team on a pvt vendor. it was amazing to see the requirements changes that used to come from the user, the army, even so late into the project. but the nishant is ready now and india shud have the confidence to build any class of uav. the nishant involved lot of work on telemetry and mission planning plys data transfer, not to mention all the hydraulics and launching mech, things to keep that in mind.
    the AF bases are deep in india from the army POV, they can use searchers and herons and ctol UAVs.
    funnily enuff, the army after making uav developmet so challnging changed its mind later and decided to set up fixed uav bases, typical of how it works kya karen
    so some dozen nishants are ordered anyways for our boys , not a bad number for a lsp


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    Huh.. once again the “shifting of goal posts” by the services.. this is how we indulge the import lobby and do our bit to kill indigenous R&D.

    Anyway bitten by the shifting of goal posts — ADE is now working on a wheeled variant of Nishant. It will also be “up-fuelled” – increased fuel loading in the wings and the booms. As comment1 mentions – the TO/landing version obviates the weight limitations of the catapult version.. so it will have more fuel, which also means more endurace.. As a further development an auto-takeoff and auto-landing version is also in the works..

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    What about promoting small entrepreneurs who are struggling to make a mark in UAV space like Lt Col NK Khanna (Retd)

    Neeraj Singla

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    Way back in 1999, a fellow student in Singapore had a friend doing masters/phd studying the aerodynamics of a UAV the size of a human palm developed by Singapore for its armed forces. Here we are talking of putting a chapter on UAVs in doctrine in 2008! When are we going to induct our own snoopers the size of humming bird?

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    Those manportable UAVs are like souped-up kids' toy planes. I wanna operate one of those!


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