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    what do you expect from a sardar sqn ldr baldy singh.

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    Shiv Aroor

    anon: could we not have any ethnic slurs on this blog please? sqn ldr baldev singh is HAL’s chief test pilot (FW) and he’s been with the IJT test schedules since the beginning. he has an impeccable flying record too.

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    An excellent post. Thanks for posting that. Cleared up a lot of doubts and issues, and gave the all-important context and accuracy, with the writer being an amateur airman.

    However, something new that the writer states is that the aircraft lifted off. This is interesting. It indicates a pilot error on part of sqn. ldr. Singh, and comes as a relief since it indicates that the plane worked fine. however, the canopy not flying off is a concern, albeit a small one that will be fixed.

    P.S.: Why dont you moderate or censor the posts. No one would blame you for that. Considering some of the stuff posted here, its purely toxic.

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    To anon I may say that such a mistake could only have been made by an experienced pilot who was very confident and one who has had a very good flight record, so as to allow himself the liberty or ease to be relaxed in the (though slightly mistaken) knowledge, that “all systems checked”.

    I too am an intermediate-level programmer, but sometimes I make “silly” mistakes which I can say with certainty, that I used to conciously look out for when I was a beginner and when I used to look in the monitor after typing each word or even the space-bar !!

    Thank you.

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    I mean no dispect to Baldy, but apparently his vast experience also induced in him a bit of indifference. He is known in HAL flightest team for his swagger regarding following the SOP and required checks..

    The same day on which the crash had occured it was revealed that the crash occured due to pilot negligence – not locking his canopy. Aditya did report having seen some pilots keep their canopy open till the end.. I mean its not about deflecting the blame on to Baldy – these things happen.. if one recalls a very experienced Mirage pilot simply “forgot” to extend his landing gear in Mauritius on the way from SouthAfrica and landed on his centerline drop tank.. so shit happens sometimes..

    But the truth is it was a human error. But what is saddening is a section of people latched onto it and combined it with Sarang crash to blame “the ineffciency of HAL or lack of quality in Indigenous technology”. Shiv knows this because it was his buddy AjaiShukla who did that in his blog and refused to buy in the pilot-error argument..

    I hope Shiv has passed on the message to Ajai (if not may I request you to do so Shiv.. please) and hope the ex-tankman has the courtesy to accept his folly.

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    Rahul Devnath has posted the following on the warbirds forum:

    “IJT S3466 has found it’s place at HAL Museum, which went off the runway at the Aero India 07”


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