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    “DRDO’s ABM programme is scheduled to be complete in two phases by 2012-13. By this time the organisation hopes to replace both foreign radars currently in use, with medium and long-range radars being developed in-house by the Electronics Research & Development Organisation in Bangalore.”

    The Radar for the PAD was not the Greenpine. It was a modified version (highly modified in fact) of the greenpine, which had been developed by DRDO and ELTA together for the past few years (Source: Dr Saraswat’s interview after PAD). Obviously, productionizing it would not be so tough.

    Same seems to be the situation with the French radar.

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    “The November test came as a huge relief to DRDO, which has been under pressure since 1998 to deliver on its promise of a cost-effective missile defence system.”

    didnt get you over here. Did the drdo promise that there would be an indigenous MD system in place at that time. In the public domain atleast, that India was working on this field was in itself a great surprise. The successful interception showed (actually they told before hand that there would be an intercept, which shows the confidence which they had in the system) the prior testing under bluffs was made.
    The thing is according to me, this MD system was never promised but was suddenly unvieled to the public as a kheer.


    P.S: My last statement in its meaning is completely supportive of drdo and does not have sinister motives behind it.

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    >> Shiv

    The November test used the guidance of an Israeli EL/M-2080 Green Pine long-range acquisition radar, which guided both the target missile and the interceptor

    >> Curious about this statement, all other reports indicate that the target was tracked by the Green Pine, this information was used to develop an intercept solution for the interceptor which used its own sensors in the terminal mode of its flight. I havent heard if the target was also guided by the Radar.


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    As usual you are a full three years behind whats known publically

    The ABM test used the DRDO LRTR not the GreenPine. DRDO has also openly displayed its Transmit receive modules for AESA as well as it prototype arrays and published details about their performance

    Both L Band and S Band modules are in production

    Israel gave us help with consultancy and the overall architecture of the radar, the Greenpine.

    But the rest was done by us

    Why dont u go to Bangalore, CV Raman Nagar and LRDE will show u the other DRDO radars as well, inclduing the Master A replacement


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