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    Mr. Aroor, this has almost become a ritual with the IAF. In my view there is a dedicated, surreptitious and a well concerted effort to “nip in the bud”, ANY and I repeat ANY indigenous development made by the DRDO.

    In the light of this emerging pattern, the MoD must issue a directive to the IAF that if major specifications of any product requested of the DRDO or any other DPSU is changed significantly mid-way, then the IAF should not issue tenders, RFIs, etc. to foreign entitities for the same systems. The reason citied should be that this behaviour hinders the long-term goal of 70% indigenization.

    Anyway, by this episode it may be abundantly clear that the top brass of the IAF may be “hand-in-glove” with completely unscrupulous elements (read: arms-dealers and foreign arms cartels).

    This latest action by the IAF smacks of corruption of the highest order, and must be deplored at all sections, be it the media, the public; it would be preferable that the media spearheads the opposition to all this nonsense.

    Sir, I would request you to do a story on your channel on this emerging pattern by the armed forces, to “throw a spanner in the works” in any developing indigenous project.

    Thank you.

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    What I fail to understand about IAF is this: They ordered the Phalcon system, but they gave a go ahead to the Embraer with indeginous system when it did not suit their ceiling altitude and endurance? Why did they give the go ahead in the first place? Don’t they have a vision of where they wanted to be in the next 5-10 years? Did Pakistan’s Eeriye procurement hasten IAF to change the requirement? What did IAF think PAF will do, sit on their asses when India was buying Phalcon sytem?

    This why its called a Vision, plan ahead…. I don’t blame IAF for reacting to changing threat scenario. But even I can understand this should have been taken into consideration and become a part of a professional organization’s vision. And people blame DRDO…. Sigh…

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    teews you are totally right. but can we have some info on the specz of the phased array radar that LRDE is developing for the AWACS? dont remember seeing too much in the news about it.

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    1280 (160*8) Tx/Rx modules covering 120deg on each side with max range of 300km.

    Tx/Rx modules made of GaAs chips operating in S-band

    8.3KW peak power with a 7% dutycycle.

    IFF (L-band) with 500km range on sides, 250km front & back

    data transfer @64kbps to 40a/c simulatanoeusly in VHF/UHF with a 300km LOS range. Comm to ground station via satcom.

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    In an actual war it is so damn likely to shoot down large aircrafts like Boeing/Airbus/IL76 as compared to small and swift Embraer. How wise then was this action?


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