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    Sengupta writes absolute BS

    The above is also BS

    Force runs on interviews (good) and made up articles by Sengupta (bad)

    The Lakshya can already mimic the CM trajectory, we dont need any Nirbhay for that

    There are a million reports now about Nirbhay being a CM program

    For everyones sake dont buy or read FARCE

    Its a joke

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    Hello shiv ji before posting any content pls make sure it is real stuff not fantasy one.

    India is already working with israel for UAV project And that is too under MTCR because UAV is coverd under this

    Look at it few UAV india developing Rustam medium-alti¬tude long-endurance UAV, 300KM
    the Pawan short-range UAV
    and the Gagan tactical UAV 250 km

    But if you look at the nirbhay range is can’t 1000 km If engine is from russia due to MTCR.
    It must be UAV

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    no posts for a long time…what happened…buck up

    Jayanthi S.

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    I agree. Sengupta writes absolute BS.

    If FARCE depends on Prasoon’s fantasy & cut and past of other people’s stuff, they are as complicit. Why keep a liability. A bad fish will spoil what is left of FARCE.

    Till then, why pay for FARCE trash?

    Prasoon is the same guy who stole other peopl’s picture from Aero India and put that on FARCE cover, claiming as his own.

    Pity the FARCE editors, who refuse to wake up to a rogue, even when pointed out.

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    Hi, its the first time I have gone through your blog. I wanted to add the information you provided regarding the IL-76MDs being modified in the future in order to incorporate the Nirbhay. I wanted to add this information on Wiki but it seems that it is the link to the article on the Force Website has expired. Can you give me some other link so that i can get to that page as Wiki doesn’t except Blogs as a source.
    Thanks Loads

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    A long range (1000+ Kms.) cruise missile with a payload of just 130 Kgs. Who is Ch*rgupta trying to sell this bs to? It's like his pictures on the "interiors of the INS Arihant" and some of his "priceless" analysis on the boat.


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