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    Mr. Aroor, the PAK-FA agreement is not a “Joint-development”, but is actually a PURCHASE agreement. India has agreed to BUY the PAK-FA. This includes licence production rights, and a 50% engineering contribution in non-critical sub-systems.

    As per various Russian media reports (posted on this blog also), the Russian media has clearly quoted Russian officals as saying that the PAK-FA is “strictly a Russian airplane”.

    The following is from Russian Aviation News :-

    According to the Sukhoy Aviation Holding Company general director, Mikhail Pogosyan, the participation of the Indians in the PAK FA project at first will be purely financial, the original cost of the work is estimated at 10 billion dollars. However, this is only an initial amount. There already is an agreement that the sides will bear all expenses fifty-fifty. And afterwards, Indian and Russian designers will adapt this aircraft to their own air force needs.

    From the above, it is abundantly clear that India’s role is that of a “cash-cow” only, and similar to the Su-30 MKI (which has many Indian sub-systems), the PAK-FA will have Indian made systems like mission computer, radar computer/software, display processors etc.

    Hence, it would only be a repeat of the Su-30 MKI ‘episode’.

    A very unfortunate and sorry state of events for the indigenous MCA.

    Thank you.

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    Reuters :-

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia and India will jointly modify a fifth-generation Russian fighter aircraft for Indian use under a deal signed on Thursday, Russia’s federal service for military and technical cooperation said.

    India is one of the biggest buyers of Russian weapons and wants to license the production of Su-30MKI fighter jets and T-90 tanks. Russian shipyards are also building three frigates for India’s navy.

    {Added comment : The following line is the “clincher” }

    State-run Sukhoi corporation will develop the fifth-generation fighter for Russia, and under the accord signed after two days of talks, it will then be jointly modified for India.

    There was no comment from either delegation on the value or duration of the agreement.

    India’s delegation expressed concern in the first day’s talks at delays in carrying out other arms accords, including Russia’s conversion of the heavy cruiser Admiral Gorshkov into an aircraft carrier.

    India and China together account for nearly 90 percent of Russia’s arms exports, which totalled $6.4 billion in 2006 and are expected to reach $7.5 billion this year.

    Russia’s new generation fighter will be finished by 2012-2015, Putin said during his annual televised question and answer session later on Thursday.

    The two countries agreed to improve cooperation in arms development and production after Putin made an official visit to India earlier this year.

    Reference :-

    1) Reuters news report :

    2) Reference for previous news report :-

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    Hi! I found your blog on Wikipedia, though wanted to say something since most of the people I’ve come across online don’t blog about Indo-russian relations.

    The idea of Russia and India being so close in various ways (e.g. historically, culturally, economically and politically) is the sole reason for a brotherly alliance. America has been trying to get in on this special relationship probably because it knows the two nations combined can become the world’s new superpower. Most nations are not in favor of American support because it often leads to cultural ruin or societal issues such as poverty, war and sickness. Look at the innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan who were freed from native dictatorship and are now under US control (a different kind of dictator but only when abroad).

    India and Russia knew eachother for nearly a thousand years, America’s relationship to either country is not even a hundred years old. Many US citizens don’t understand the concept of a thousand or more year old civilization versus a nation that was founded at around 260 years ago.

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    What are the expectations of the Indian Air Force and what will be they getting out of the PAK FA program?


    Licensed HAL production of two-seater variant, tech transfer, AL-41F turbofans and customized avionics package.

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