Boeing India Partnership
F/A-18 India

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    yawn……how boring…whats new …spare us of these year-enders

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    If India buys the MIG that will be travesty. I know there is a lot of investment from Russia, but what will India really get besides a second rate fighter with thrust vectoring. If you want an aircraft with true battlefield dominance you have to remember that is more than just how fast you can go and what weapons you carry. Can you integrate with and control the battle for the ground commander if necessary, and can you defend your self from the air when needed? In a MIG…No.

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    hmm… impressive… let us see whether they leap forward or hold their position atleast in the coming year…..

    anon@12:58.. if not MIG, what you suggest then ???

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    “Agni 3… leaving a trail of orange and yellow smoke.”

    … they expecting psychedelic pink smoke perhaps?

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    I would say buy the Super Hornet, F Model. America put out a pretty good product with the Hornet and now they upgraded it. Australia seems to think it will offset the Flanker in South East Asia. Notice they only bought the F model as well. You want true Strike-Fighter Capability, you want two seat. Combine the A-6 intruder with the F-14 Tomcat and you get the F/A-18F. It takes away a little from both of them, but adds monumentally. Two operators, multi-role, carrier capable(which seems to be a focus, upgradeable, and proven. I don’t recall the last time one of the competitors for the MMRCA proved themselves on the intitial battlefield. That is the “initial” battlefield, not the passive battlefield once the Americans let in the other players.

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    Certainly, anon@12:58, you can only buy, not manufacture all its component here locally at India. Even UK (its most trusted ally) has difficulty in having access to F35 technology.

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    Hmm, self congratulatory letters from th MoD.

    What about the Arjun and Kaveri fiascos?


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