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    Is this the only training they are going to have ?? Or it is just a part of ice Breaking sessions ??

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    training together….familiarization….anti-terrorist manoeuvers….whatever. When we Indians appreciate, we appreciate to the hilt, mostly losing objectivity and going overboard.

    The Army must be careful and I pray that it is, not to let the Chinkies find out more abt our levels of training and readiness, than we find out about theirs. These chikies typically take a lot of time, to carefully assess the enemy and use just about any trick towards this objective, and come up with a well worked military strategy.

    Who knows, the recent troop buildup around the chikens neck area may be part of a medium to long term (eventual) takeover of India’s north east (Arunachal etc)….and the anti-terrorist training/manoeuver may just be a Chniki ploy to assess the Indian Army’s morale/motivation/training levels etc.

    Its a real world out there with real-politiks.

    Hindi-Chini are not bhai-bhais….The border issue is not resolved…aur kahani abhi baki hai dost…………..

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    This is a melody to my ear! This is a step against the biggest terrorist of the moder day wordl! USA! LEt the BRIC nations come together and thats it! USA is nothing! Hail INDIA! Hail CHINA! Hail RUSSIA!


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