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    F-35 for India in MRCA is too good to be true, considering the long waiting list from the partner countries, not forget little Israel… wanting out of turn delivery.

    Even if Navy get a squadren or two it willbe good enough.

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    Mr. Aroor, the F-35 cannot be selected as MRCA even if it had been affordable with assured delivery schedules, because it is a 5th G fighter, much heavier and costlier to operate than even the Su-30 MKI. Thus, it is in a different ‘class’ of fighters.

    It may be hoped that India does not “walk in a nightmare”, by operating the Russian PAK-FA, the indigenous MCA and the F-35. It is impossible for India to operate 3 fifth G planes, as it would entail huge logistics costs, and highly prohibitive expenses in purchase and operation.

    Unlike the 1980’s, now India is “flush” with funds. With increased funding, the ADA can collaborate with Boeing to develop VTOL in Tejas and internal hardpoints.

    In a fraction of the cost, the naval Tejas project can be accelerated to be developed into one of the best Naval fighters globally.

    Thank you.

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    Abhiman talks like a Marketing person from DRDO. But his points are valid and correct to the core.


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