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    Definitely there should be an enquiry about this deal. How can a ship be bought merely on a visual inspection?

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    Looks like left is right and there seems to be some sense in their policies (policy)

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    Dilip G. Patankar

    There should definately be an inquiry.This is a act of treason.All responsible persons directly and indirectly should be investigated, Service personnel involved as well as their Civilian superiors starting from Prime Minister, Defence Minister down who were in power at the time the shameful deal was done and accepted.These people shall be tried in court of law or court-marshalled as the case may be. The punitive action must be so severe as to serve as a very effective deterrent in future should anyone try such shameful act.

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    hell, where were these radicals when the Great white elephant named Gorshkov was shoved down the Indian Navy, based on similar Inspections?

    As far as the purchase goes, its 50 million dollars, this is a ship we are taking about, thats is pocket change when ship of this size are considered, it was a steal, try to have more faith in the Navy then some communists who claim to be a democratic party, now that is a scandal worth investigating.


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