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    Infuriating stuff to hear about. I simply cannot believe that the Indian Navy – possibly the most forward-looking and modern of the armed services was so desperate to get this apparent piece of junk.

    So some detailed thoughts on the geo-polotical situation and other plus sides (like specific future projects with the Pentagon) would be appreciated to understand the purchase. The Indian Navy is many things, but stupid is not one of them.

    Either way, thank goodness for the CAG, and to LiveFist picking up on these major issues which were simply never reported. More of the same, please!

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    126 Super Duper Hornets anyone?

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    Kanan Saurabh

    I agree with Ankur.
    The Navy-wallahs are not stupid. Could it be because the Indians want to learn how to make and handle a ship like that?
    50 mill is not a big price and that must have tilted the balance… Its about the price of a Mig-21!

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    you hit the nail there.

    For all the people making noises here, what they don’t realise is that everything that US will sell us, whether they have a clause of not using it in a war or not, they have us by our balls either way cos they can easily stop sending the parts for maintenance during those crucial times. Thats why I am not a big fan of buying US stuff myself.

    But this Navy purchase is different, they give us for $50 Million a platform that is 2nd largest after Aircraft Carrier Virat. This gives us the ability to train our sailors to handle and come up with strategies to use it. Secondly, in a peace time we get a platform to help large number of people in one go, it took us 3 warship to evacuate the people whereas it would have taken us 1 Trenton to do that. Third and most importantly we get to study the design and be able to make our own Large Amphiobious platforms. All this for $50 Mil which we will probably use for another 10-15 years.

    And if it comes to a war and its that crucial to use it, we will probably use and worry about the consequences later, clause or no clause.

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    guys have not fully understood how we r operating INS jalashwa, Forget about CAG they cannot even tell from where they r getting spares for other ships and at what price. Comparing that with this US Ship expenditure it's nothing. Also, everything can be re engineered and we r doing it all in india to make spares of this ship. so dont worry about capabilities of this ship. it is one of the best , infact best steam ship right now in india.
    now about the Question of US barring us for its military use,guys anyone of u know about GPS. Every system in india uses that, GPS is fully controlled by US of A. so ….in case of waR GUESS WHAT CAN HAPPEN…feeling something…no.. ASK CAG AND ALL THE ABOVE GUYS WRITING HERE.

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    IF AT ALL INDIA use uses it for offensive purpose what will US do ? take it back or shoot it down ? and it costs less than one SU 30 MKI. So better use it for training and make 5 copy's of it.


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