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    Wonder how much the Chinese incuring refitting varyag Aircraft Carrier?
    A much bigger Carrier at 65000 Tonnes reportedly bought at $20 Million.

    Oh anyway we know have ans for difficult questions
    Basically, it is about ship repair and equipment and not ammunition. It is in three different categories. One is the basic repair and re-equipping. There were a large number of equipment which was just meant to be repaired. Some of the repair equipment is now being converted to buying a new one and replacing. So, part of that cost is there.”
    So get ready for the third installment of price jack!!!

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    wonderful photo. just look at that shadow! the whole thing looks like one big rust bucket. we should cut our losses and buy the kitty hawk.

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    what fighters will you field in the kitty hawk ? Mig 29, ordered jets, are not catapult based. One more interesting point is that we don’t even have infrastructure to support minor repair for the scrap shown in the pic and in that situation, you want to buy even more bigger kitty hawk ?? Kitty hawk will be a bigger duck sitting in the open water with the sister ships in the battle group that India can afford…

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    i agree with anon. the american are probably saying they’ll give us a nice deal with the kitty hawk and a bunch of F-18C Hornets to go with it. all stinks of crap to me. the kitty hawk is a behemothic pile of metal, and it isn’t nuke-powered either. and as rightly said by anon, we don’t have the carrier group strength to protect a sitting duck like the damned kitty hawk. sick of these bloody yanks unloading their junk on us like we’re a bloody third-world dustbin for warships they’re trying to squeeze the last few dollars out of. effin sleazeballs.


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