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    Forgotten soldier


    No problems with the whole thing except that it portrays the SCPC as the solution to all ills plaguing the services.

    The MHA has just informed them about the CrPC 144 in vogue for everyone around the India Gate. It is not something special for the ex-servicemen. What next? A strike by serving soldiers!

    The political leadership in this country is too weak and naive to look through these games of the services. The urban myths propagated by the services have reached legendary levels — shortages of officers, cadets, poor salaries and so on.

    There is a need for the media to educate the nation about the realities of the services and not give much credence to such stories being floated around.

    And, pray why did Gen Vij leak the letter selectively. More funds for NDMA, a Rajya Sabha nomination– what is in the offing?

    Call me cynical but the whole thing stinks…


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