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    where was this photo taken from? another typhoon? there is a real joy to good, tight, aviation photography. just look at how the warship is banking starboard side, and its wake, and the fighter .. can only imagine the pilot’s view during this daring manoever! beautiful photo shiv.. please dont listen to people here talking about not posting random photos. i think these random photos are wonderful. keep them coming!

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    and shiv another thing.. why dont you post about the typhoon deal with saudi arabia and how that is turning out to be one big ghapla. sad that it had to be a beautiful machine like the typhoon involved with such allegedly large scale dirt.

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    news from today..

    A £20 billion deal to supply Saudi Arabia with typhoon fighter jets could be at risk because of opposition to the deal in the US, according to a report.

    The Financial Times said the state department must approve the deal as it involves the transfer of US technology on the fighter before Britain can export the 72 Eurofighters, quoting a senior administration figure.

    According to the report, the state department wants to approve the deal but the justice department has concerns the deal could affect an investigation into a previous deal between BAE and Saudi Arabia.

    UK defence company BAE is being investigated by the US over alleged bribes relating to a previous Al-Yamamah arms deal. BAE is the main contractor on the current Al-Salam deal.

    An investigation was also launched in the UK, but the government brought it to a halt for reasons of security. This decision was recently judged unlawful by the High Court.

    The senior administration official told the Financial Times that because of the investigation, the justice department is not keen for the state department to say it was unaware that BAE had broken any laws

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    second last anon, i agree. these eurofighter walas should be roundly disqualified with immediate effect for their hand in the al yamamah deals with Saudis. british aerospace has much to answer for.. but does not mean this is not one sexy photograph, nor that the typhoon is one hot airplane!! imagine how the engineers and designers of the typhoon feel about their blood and sweat ending up being associated with a corruptions scandal involving fat cat saudi sheikhs who are only adding the typhoons to their fighter harem because they have nothing better to do.

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    bang on correct. there is no one left who is clean to deal with in this entire spectrum of companies. i think there is no option left except the gripen, which IMHO is a very worthy contender in the sweepstakes considering it is the only MRCA aircraft that matches what the air force originally laid down in its QRs. if these bloody fools in govt had agreed, we could have begun deliveries of mirages by now. but no, obviously there wasnt enough money in that.

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    Guys: I agree that nobody is ever truly clean in this business. And am sure something will be found on the Gripen, sooner or later.

    But that does not mean we should not be pragmatic about this. Why not go for the best aircraft that will serve us best in the long term (given how long we have taken to order the freaking things, we have no choice now)?

    Gagan: Good point. What were the original specs required by the AF? Have they changed since? Have you got a link that you could share with us? Thanks in advance!


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