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    can the darned rust bucket even catch fire?? the bad news about vikramaditya will never end. mark my words. it is doomed to sink even before sea trials. from the looks of it they have massive union problems, production quality problems, money problems, personality problems, technology problems, weather problems.. unbelievable.

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    atrocious quality standards is what the russians are giving us. shiv do you have any photos of the fire accident? please post them if you have them. i do not know who to trust less. the russians or the yankees.

    k rajaram

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    Don’t blame the guy for the language problem. It’s not his language. He speaks Russian. If he had spoken to you in Russian I don’t think you will understand anything. Appreciate him for speaking to you in English.

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    bollocks. the russians try speaking english because that’s the only way they will survive in a competitive world. let’s not get all teary eyed and grateful that they are now translating their press releases. the blood sucking traitors need to be taught a lesson they will remember for good. bolshy bastards!

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    left wing nut job

    Yet another blow to this star crossed ship. I hope shipyard remembers to seal up the sea chests before launching…

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    Shiv: Good point on the witch hunt. I assume that the calculations would have been made by a Russian (it was *their* ship, and they are doing all the work). But it would need ratification from the Indian side. Why is it not a simple a going in and firing the buggers heading the projects? Such a colossal error should *never* have been allowed to happen. Fire the boss, and conduct the inevitable ass-whooping internally – because if the top dog is gone, *nobody* is safe.

    Also, I don’t think the question is whether we will get a carrier. The question is whether we get the IAC before the product of this cursed project. My money is that the IAC and probably the nuke sub will be operational before this damn thing ever hits the water – not that I am being pessimistic or anything…


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