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    A hard life, that job! Man – what a way to spend a few days in the Navy!

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    nice tropical vacation in paradise for the navy walas!! but i have heard these hydrography chaps do a superb job. for eg. the stuff they did for lanka, and remapping of andaman islands work.

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    Anon: Please do share further. It would be wonderful to hear about this little-advertised branch of possibly the most forward-looking of our armed forces.

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    Shiv: what do you make of the latest Scorpene fiasco? Do you any further info as to what is going wrong?

    Also – if it is not too much hassle, could you investigate if these foreign suppliers have a contract stipulation to p!ss off the IN specifically, but only far enough to not be thrown off a project? The IAF has force level depletion coming to it for a *long* time – but to see the Navy facing the same is something new.

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    Shiv Aroor

    ankur: yes, we’ve all been hearing about delays in the ToT for the scorpene production line for a while now. there have been some unforeseen glitches in the export licensing of certain electronic items (who would have thought!), but my sources tell me things are being ironed out, though there will almost definitely be a delay.

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