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    WoW! Here begins the blame game. Oops! I mean air crash investigation……..A pilot error. Was those two pilots were rookie? Nope! They were trained instructors, graduating from a RAF school. Question is this if they were not qualified, how did they graduated? Who passed them? ……Its easy to make a joiner officer ‘Bali Ka Bakra’ for hiding flaws!. It seems like BAE is enjoying IAF’s top brass and their style of speaking.” BAE KI JAI HO”.

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    If you’re not supposed to fly in some configuration, then why was that configuration setting not removed in the first place? This is basic engineering design, sir… if you don’t want me to use a feature in your product, and if use of that feature can be fatal, then the presence of that feature is a health hazard. Why is it there then? Looks like the IAF are suckers for gora abuse. Proud bunch they are.


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