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    Good news!! Time we make our own “string of pearls” against the Chinese expansions.

    We need to convert more friendly countries to military and strategic allies. Friendship in commerce/tourism alone are not enough.

    A change in foreign policy to allow provisions of arms, money, training to these countries in exchange our presence in their country and their future military co-operation is absolutely necessary. Time to think of ourselves are regional leaders.. not ex-british-slaves

  2. 2


    there r pushing terrorists and migrants which occasionally double up as isi recruits..i am a pessimist..

  3. 3


    me too anon@6.59 PM. No use talking to these rascals. chinese,pakis and bangladeshis are having a game plan! nepalis may join sooner or later! Ask US to blow up ISI head qtres with hellfire missiles fired from UAVs in the name of elimination of taliban!

  4. 4


    agree with anon @ 6:07

    it is time for india to stop sucking on mommies teats and man up. the corrupt, short-sighted and inept indian army doesn’t even want to touch the arjun tanks, why not sell these to our neighbors? or other weapons and platforms for that matter? we need to be actively seeking construction of bases in these countries.

    ultimately though it is our “chalta hai” attitude that is to blame. if us educated lot took the initiative to go and VOTE we would already win half the battle.

  5. 5


    Exactly… do u see any superpower with a “chalta hai” attitude?

    They have a say, an opinion about everything and everyone. They deliberate themselves with affairs of other countries.

    They have an active foreign policy which looks beyond their own domestic issues, impose sanctions on other, proactively attack countries which they “fear” may be future enemies, making their own law and justification and let the world comply with THAT.


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