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  1. 1


    Shiv, you should be in either M.P., Rajasthan, Punjab or M.P. Thats where the next blasts are likely.

  2. 2


    I second that.

  3. 3


    You fools above the next blasts have taken place in Gujarat….now where’s your foresight/clairvoyance? Shiv rush to Ahmedabad

    And why do you post here non-defence stuff or telling us where you are why you’re not posting etc…as if we are interested in your personal life

  4. 4


    Shiv you’ve actually gone to Bangalore or some hill station for a pre-marriage honeymoon , like you went 2 weeks back on the weekend, when you lied that you were in jaipur for work, but were actually holidaying with your new prostitute Tavleen Singh in some hill station as your pix suggest.

    And why have you not gone today for your Gripen flight, as you claimed…or is it that it got cancelled…well the curses seem to be working…then watch out for more.

    Or is it that your office has taken you completely off the defence stories as you do nothing, and they’ve decided to send you on these random routine stories.

    Well good decision on your office’s part. Well you can cootchi-coo with Tavleen in office and groom her for defence, as you’re doing but before that baby, you need to learn some defence reporting yourself.

    You identity is your blog which carries press releases, and you dont have any other identity. Pity…what a pity…on one hand where one woman gave you name and fame by helping you with exclusive stories and bringing you up professionally, the other one has taken you out of the beat completely….baby shame and pity.

    So which hill station are you two honey mooning?

  5. 5


    I think Anon 3 got his answers from Anon4. Seems like some people ARE interested in Shiv’s personal life..

    On an general note, I too think that real journalism is disappearing from your blog. We may like the copy-paste news and awesome snaps. Thanks..

    But you have to do more justice to your profession by some real research, new data and own write ups. There is lot of news out there.. if only there is will.

  6. 6


    Agreed there is no dearth of news

  7. 7


    There may be no dearth of news there but Shiv is only interested in girls, girls, more girls and that too the TV types, who are no less than prostitutes…He was always awed by the successful women in TV…..used to come and tell me this babe from this channel knows me, this chick from that channel has come on her own and said ‘hi’ to me…just like a little boy enamoured by TV women….

    This is why he planned to join TV, as there’s no work there, only pimping and prostitution…dont we know how channels work.

  8. 8


    Shiv Aroorji,
    You really have some enemies.Why do people engage in mindless character comments
    I have found really good insights about defence stuff in ur blog and upto date..keep up the good work.
    Your blog combined with ajay shuklaji’s blog is really informative.

  9. 9


    Good picture Shiv…full of action

  10. 10


    Informative???huh !! Shiv’s blog and Ajai’s blog are informative…let me laugh at this…ha ha ha ha…Jaydev ji…first they both need to get some information, educate themselves and then maybe write…they both do nothing for their channels, which pay them, and keep posting silly MoD press releases here for us to read and die.

    That Shukla knows nothing of defence reporting…..he was beaten up by a Hezbollah in Lebanon, when he went for reporting as the Indian Army chaps, who were looking after the journos, had heeded him not to go out and he didnt payattention and went out and started talking to a Hezbollah…he got slapped by the sturdy Hezbollah, and then he learnt a lesson….I’ve heard it from the CO of the battalion who was guarding these journos there.

    And this Shiv, well no one remembers which was his last story? Does he remember?

  11. 11
  12. 12


    (18+ advisory)

    what the fuck!! comment moderation again? hwta ur problem shiv? please.. i was the one who commented before, and its happening again, when i thought it was removed.. just gimme a good reason for donig so shiv.. don’t u advocate Freedom of Speech?

  13. 13

    Shiv Aroor

    max: i’ve done this because there are comments here which refer to people who have nothing to do with this blog, comments by people who have personal animosities with me. those comments surely belong some place, but not in this comment section. comments refering to my friends, colleagues and others have no place here. all others — including personal attacks singularly against me — will appear here without censorship. i hate comment moderation, but i cant have people who have nothing to do with livefist defiled on it. like i’ve said before, you can rest assured that *everything* else passes through to the comments section.

  14. 14



    come on shiv, pls don’t give these fuckin lame excuses.. yes i do agree that personal attacks against any person in the comments section is unacceptable, but i’m sure you have an option to remove abusive comments, don’t you? i see other blogs, of which abusive comments are published, then removed after they are spotted by the moderator.

    I’m really not sure of what sort of ‘personal attacks are singularly against you’, but I see nothing wrong in critisising you or the way you write an article if it deserves critisism. I mean this is a blog, for everyone to read. Not everyone will share your opinion. Those who don’t should be given the liberty to critisise the article, and it’s author (i.e. you!). In fact I myself have critisised you in the past for articles which I found really absurd. But the beauty of your blog (until lately) is you publish all comments favouring, and against you. Thats the way it should be, and that motivates people to comment and speak their minds out, which gives rise to new ideas. I’m fully against bloggers who filter out comments against them and only publish the good (in their opinion).

    Critisising people related to you? I’m not sure of that; unless those people critisised are in anyway affiliated to the article you published (which is justified).

    Please maintain the beauty of this blog, and the free spirit of India.
    As I mentioned earlier, switch comment moderation off, and manually remove ‘abusive’ comments upon encountering them. That atleast gives people a chance to see exactly what you remove, and whether it is really justified.

  15. 15


    And Shiv,

    I couldn’t help thinking why anon@4:26 PM was critisising Ajai although he’s not involved here, but it is because you linked your article to his;

    “Read Ajai Shukla’s post on the T-90 scandal”

    –if that’s what you mean by attacking your friends, I can’t support you.

  16. 16


    Good job with the comment moderation turned on again.Let me give you some news that we would all like to hear about:

    1. More on the integrated space cell. Is India planning any missles to knock out satellites in near future?
    2. Scramjet technology and when DRDO is testing its HSTDV (prototype of avatar)
    3. RAW’s role and information failure around the recent serial blasts
    4. Missile specials like LR-SAM, longer range interceptor desings, indegenous research on RAM jet engines, other engines including Kaveri
    5. ISRO’s military satellites and future use of space for military purposes.
    6. Some analysis on – sensitive research by universities in India, Integration and network warfare in Indian context, our foreign policy commentary toward befriending Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc
    7. Warhead design and research with bit of nuclear technology articles. Also some digging around any secret projects we may be having

    All this needs some real ground work and research. Every one of us who visit your blog can do their own searches on google for news. Originality, opinion and real effort is what we expect. Investigatory Journalism

    We can never thank you enough for the effort in maintaining this blog. But without quality articles you are bound to lose your fan base. Cant get more constructive with my criticism.

  17. 17

    Shiv Aroor

    max: my so-called lame f!cking excuses are to push out comments about women in my office, my family, relatives and friends who have nothing to do with defence, the military or livefist. criticism about my articles, and about me personally, are welcome and will not be censored at all. i’m all for free speech, not slander against folks who have nothing to do with this blog or defence, and are dragged here simple by their association to me. so if you think it’s a lame f!cking excuse, then tough. so as you might notice, comments slandering just me are always passed through.. as of course are comments criticising my articles. have a look at all the comments. you’ll get the picture.

  18. 18



    Wow.. such a story? no wonder shiv is being on the defensive side. He doesn’t want anything undesirable to be revealed.. that’s why he ignored my suggestion on removal of abusive posted comments.

    sorry if i upped ur tide shiv, i wasn’t aware of all this. But just asking: was it hot news or something that everyone knows?

    sorry for my ignorance but I’m a NRI who has no access to the channels / tabloids you are in. We only have Tamil language channels here (and Zee, the only Hindi one), although many rely on subtitles to make head and tail of it.


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