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    sujan dutta of telegraph, another famous ddm (desi dork media) has written this piece of trash in his newspaper. just goes to show how little our bloody defence correspondents know. and this guy is supposed to be very experienced. read the trash he writes:

    Flying blind, Sukhois ‘shot’
    New Delhi, Aug. 22: Flying near-blind in the US, the Indian Air Force’s frontline Sukhoi 30Mki fighters have been “shot” down in missions at the Red Flag wargames, the toughest combat aircraft exercise that the US hosts for its allies.

    The Russian-made Sukhoi 30Mkis have been asked to fly in the exercise only after switching off a sophisticated radar and without recourse to a key shield against surface-to-air missiles, a senior air force officer said. The exercise in which the IAF is participating for the first time entered its most complex phase today.

    “Shooting down” or getting “shot down” must necessarily take place in a wargame. In 2003, US Air Force’s (USAF) F-15 Tomcat aircraft participating in an exercise out of Gwalior in India were similarly “shot down”.

    Despite being hamstrung at the Red Flag games, the IAF contingent was getting invaluable training as part of a “Blue force” tasked to defend its territory against an aggressor “Red force” in the Nevada desert. The range over which the exercise is taking place has mock-ups of several targets that are mostly military establishments, air force spokesman Wing Commander Mahesh Upasani, who is with the contingent, told The Telegraph from the Nellis air force base.

    The IAF is participating with eight Su-30s, two IL-78s (mid-air refuellers), an IL-76 (heavy lift transporters) and 247 men led by Group Captain D. Chaudhary. Frontline aircraft from the air forces of South Korea and France and, of course, the US are engaged both with the IAF and against it in the drills.

    “Captain Marcus ‘Spike’ Wilson of the USAF Aggressors in his appreciation of the IAF has said the IAF is a world-class air force with great aircraft and great leadership,” said Upasani.

    The IAF Sukhois have been asked not to show the full capacity of their BARS II radar so that their signatures may not be recorded.

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    we had no need to take our su 30mki to US we could use mirage or jaguar for that purpose,we need not to show
    our top product even the radar is in training mode and now every nato country will know it’s ,what we know about f 22,they don’t field f 22 in exercise with anyone even with their allies.

    these exercises are no more than intelligence gathering,like US asked to use kilos in navel excersise
    but we refused to use kilo


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