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    more bogus claims by moron natrajan. these drdo idiots will never learn i tell you.

  2. 2


    Dear friend,

    Why the abusive words? Natrajan sir is not a moron, but a reasonably intelligent man

    In entire interview, he is reasonably accurate.

    12 pieces of Nishant have been ordered by Army for first, and follow on UAV are also being developed by Nishant UAV developer which is Aeronautics Development Establishment at Bangalore

    Only place where one can have some debate is of exact production numbers of item like LCA, which are indicated by user and not specified And he is also indicating the same

    Currently user has asked for 2Sq LCA with Ge 404 IN20 engine and 4-6 Sq with follow on engine

    Overall, we have good potential to make different variant of LCA and other item as Natrajan sir says.

    In engineering practise this is known as improved variant production.

    In Army, different items are inducted using “Marks”, user calls them Mk1, Mk2 and so on.

    Thank you


  3. 3


    RAVI, the above person is not an Indian.

  4. 4


    Hi Shiv,

    In the article “The War at DRDO Bhavan “ you had written

    “ In a noting sent by AK Antony himself (with inputs by the Defence Secretary), Natarajan has been asked why Pillai has not been recommended for an extension …….. Natarajan has called for a peer review committee to convene on July 17 to look into the matter …..…which had unanimously recommended that Dr Pillai should not be given an extention …… Those who support Natarajan’s move insist that tenure extensions would discourage growth and freshness in leadership”

    Contrary to the argument put forth in the above article about growth and freshness in leadership, of late Mr Manthiram Natarajan himself has been granting extensions to host of old Scientists. Now this practice has increased to such an extent that the papers for dozens (read quarter dozen) of tenure extension cases are sent to cabinet at one go. And the cabinet committee appears generous in blindly approving without going through the papers !

    In this process Natarajan is showering favours on his own chosen people along with the deserving cases. On of the Scientist being considered for extension now is a glaring example. This Scientist has never handled any independent important project/ product. But he was made Director of the Laboratory when he was fourth in the seniority of the Lab. Subsequently Natarajan gave him promotion just two months ahead of his superannuation, and now proceeding to give tenure extension.

    What a way of bringing growth and freshness in leadership practiced by DRDO !

  5. 5


    as usual the drdo is at it…its a money guzling behemoth..pushing down inferior things down the services throat..the article in the frontline was too much…"how we have done this"how we have done that?"we r too good"…sadly out in the front where the men are deployed..some how these great inventions of them r never seen or if they r they dont work properly..starting from the substandard INSAS rifle..which none ever desired too carry if one valued his life in J & K.but everyone has been forced too lump we see them everyday..has anyone been too drdo and seen how the cash is wasted there the corruption in procure ment..???


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