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    Again press release..

    If the offsets are to be submitted is clear in the RFP, then they all will have to and they all will, wont they?

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    shiv sir,

    came across the news that snecma is going to help GTRE in kaveri project. How does it going to effect the MRCA competition.

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    I will tell you how.. Snecmas changes to Kaveri’s core will take 5-6 years per their own estimate. They are planning to put the M88’s core after modifications.

    5-6 years (when govt went for NPO and Snecma, 48 months was the set deadline)!! thats 2 years since the first MMRCA crafts are “delivered”. M88, by then will improve much better than Kaveri (even todays latest batches are much better). Our air-staff-requirement will come in and do a last rights for Kaveri.

    MMRCA deal is like a credit card – giving a false sense of surplus. Everyone trying to co-operate/co-develop. But as any credit card, firstly you hit a limit, secondly – more important, you have to pay the dues.

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    5 years can be made 15 in Rafale is not selected.

    Best way to escape this is to fork the program. DRDO working on an independent implementation of K10 and the other, a JV with snecma.

    Dont forget is Snecma is going to charge us a bulky amount for all the “help”..

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    EADS owns stakes in both the Eurofighter GmbH(EADS germany-spain) which manufactures the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Aviation (EADS France)which manufactures the rafale. rafale fighter was a result of the french disagreement on the eurofighter.

    its interesting to see that EADS a company which was made to counter the american military dominance is working independently for different countries , which surely means it is owned by people(respective governments) who want to make money.

    and then the typhoon was on serious development since mid-1970,
    and also there was a gap of 10 years between its first flight and actual induction, (one of the major cause was disagreement between partner countries on different issues)…. a sure reason for us to support our domestic LCA programme which can still be developed in to a good aircraft in various phases, it would take some patience on the part of the IAF, and it should be ready to take delivery of some aircrafts even if it doesnt fullfill air staff requirements as it would boost the development of the aircraft and would be an incentive for the HAL to work on an more advance aircraft.

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    The IAF cheif has stated that trials would begin next january which would decide which aircraft would win the India MMRCA bid.The IAF is keen on the AESA radars where the Americans lead the pack but EADS, SAAB and Thales are not far behind.I would like to know about S.Aroor’s comments on the right aircraft which could be selected.If the Centre increases the allocation for the contract to include a heavy twin engined fighter whether the Eurofighter has a chance secondly,does he beleive that Gripen would be hard to beat and could even edge out the F-16IN ?

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    The American offerings though proven could be political blackholes unless Lockheed promises source codes for the aircraft along with ToT for F-16’s engines even the fire power has to be bought from them tech transfers is what would bother the Yanks. It would be more sensible not to consider Rafale and Mig-35for reasons best known to SA .IAF should go for either the Gripen NG or the Eurofighter Tranche3.Since it would be easy to integrate the EJ200 into the Gripen though the IAF would prefer the GE also US laws would be a inhibiting factor.Swedes are ready to concede everything even the Source codes so that the BVR Astra can be integrated with the aircraft.


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