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    shiv, thanks for the red flag pics. they were superb, and you’ve given us more than enough…. so lets move on: any chance of some insights to LCH? we’re fed up of reading press releases or prasun sengupta’s stuff. give us something different. if prasun has some insights you’re welcome to publish it here..

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    you’re a jerk, really.. one day moderation is on, another day it’s off!! what’s up with u n ur fickle mind!!?? any personal issues?

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    Excellent pic!
    (assuming there was no photoshop involved)

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    what was to need to take su30 to US despite knowing that US tried to spy on these jets
    we could use mirage2000 for red flag,now they probably know the radar frequencies,this can be a huge loss is this,if
    US says chinese use these jets thats why they are spying but chinse don’t use the same radar,

    these excersises make no sense other than spying on the foreign military systems ,what we know about the systems in f 22 ,they don’t
    let there allies come closer to tech being used in f 35.

    US is not a tested friend yet first test US

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    Dude, we all know what US wants. Even if they are spying, there is not much they dont already know about Su-30. Indian went well prepared for this. Professional and meticulous, they were never allowed to use the radar to its full potential.

    Look at the takeaways from this – international recognition for IAF, interoperability with NATO, valuable experience, strategic closeness with US etc. We can never trust them, doesn’t mean we should we should be afraid of them. Precausion taken and lessons learnt in this exercise will help us get better against epsionage.

    Even if there were a US-India war in next 15=20 years (which I highly doubt), we are no small enemy. Once their BVR missiles are done and it comes to dogfight, MKIs can out turn every US craft including F-35s or F22s. But we should have probably sent the older Su-30,MKs instead of MKIs, like the US, who is shielding her F-22 from petty exercises/contests…


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