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    the photo in the article Indo american cooperation at nellis has an american test pilot (i know ‘its’ name)sitting on the back seat of sukhoi. they(IAF) thinks they might have to heir american pilots to cope with pilot shortage……..hehe.
    Anyways IAF doesnt have any shortage of pilots,its the planes . they dont have enough planes to man their strategic bases but have enough of them to send for Uncle sams men to lick its afterburners.
    half the no of MiG 27s and 29s are not fully operational due to various problems, ever thought about rectifying them? no.
    and the new aircrafts like su-30s are always on public display…

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    anyways we have a hippo as our next airchief. what fancy thinghe used to fly like the present one? UAVs?

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    which squadron does the aircraft belong to? Lightnings?

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    Anonymous you seem to have a lot to speak here but you prefer the cowardly route of anonymity.Let us discuss facts here instead of making sweeping generalistic statements on organisations and individuals.Do you know what it takes for a person to reach the post of a Service Chief?Do you know where and how it starts?Have you ever been to NDA?I wonder why you did not take up the profession of arms like your dad?If you want to know how a career for a mainstream Service officer starts go to http://www.nda.nic.in Kindly do not speak here like a clown.If you really want to contribute to some serious debate on defence issues,rather make it an informed and mature effort rather than a slapstick satire.


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