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    post the whole lot. don’t leave any. all photos are welcome! – rgds, sandy

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    Cherish these snaps.. Arjuns wont last as long as these photos do. 10 more years, army will say that it is a logistical nightmare to have only 124 tanks and keep maintaining/supporting them… and will start retiring them.

    We Indians prove time and again that emotion is more important than logic is making long term strategic decisions. Short sighted political leadership, a underpaid and lethargic DRDO, egoistic Army – what more do you want to keep our aspiration at bay?

    Only people who are happy seem to be those three jawans sitting on the relic!

  3. 3


    let us move on with arjun. Hope the nation will wake up to the money that have been lost will there be any accountability ????

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    I would request you ..not to publish any internal part or other image which may be critical to asses the thickness or design of the armour…i guess there are few people who too watching this blog, will be very happy to get these snaps and send back to there analysts over the border.


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    I second that. Please be discreet and leave/remove the snaps showing the innards of the tank. I had requested the same to Shukla ji in not showing the HDW sub images being transported in barges with the prop being fully exposed. If our defence people can be so sloppy atleast we can be responsible citizens

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    hay when the army says they look for a futurestic tank then why the hell they keep ordering T 90. why dont they order arjun insted? as far as i have read, arjun is far better than T 90. atleast they can co-operate with DRDO in developing arjun.They have to understand that the domestic tanks are much more reliable during times of conflict.

    with hopes that the army will save arjun.


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