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    Look at the plant in Indian Express on the pay commission.
    I must say these defence types really know which paper to tap and when and for what.

    And look at the debate it has triggered. As if the Finance Ministry, which was jittery earlier itself to pay even this much more, will agree to all this extra nonsense. All their life they’ll keep crying for more money, as if they dont get what they deserve.Infact more…and hence should be cut and deprived of what they’re getting.

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    Gentlemen, why do you expect so much out of Shiv Aroor and his blog, when you know he’s worth nothing. Just come here, take a glance and leave, whenever you have time or have nothing to do or for some fun and entertainment, that is.

    He did that Bollywood Badfella story for TV…he spends all his time and energy on such cheap filmi stories, so whatever trash is here is ok for our entertainment.

    Dont we all know how the media is being used to get more money in pay commission by the services–retired and serving.Its all think the Govt is foolish to decide on a certain amount, when it is not ok.

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    Though i empathize with the Admiral, i disagree with his suggestions about the ways to reform our polity. This nation has seen the worst kinds of demagogic politics and am afraid will continue to do so for a long time. It is naive to expect that our politicians, who have tasted the power of divisive politics and wallowed in it for too long, will turn over a new leaf. Any number of reforms or norms is not going to improve our politics. No authority in our country has the power, or should i say the balls, to carry out political reforms. The post of the President is a joke. Even many illustrious occupants of that office were powerless before the political class.
    I think our entire political class needs a violent kick in the ass, of the kind they had in the early sixties. The nation was reeling under the pressure of protests by secessionists and language riots. It seemed India’s unity was at stake. Thankfully our Chinese and Pakistani friends came to our rescue by delivering two beautiful kicks one on each buttock turning the Political class’ ass beet red. For the first time the nation started questioning Nehru’s leadership. Lionized figures like Krishna Menon were banished. The kind of unity witnessed after the two wars was unprecedented in the history of our country.
    Our present politicians have had it too easy for a long time. They need some violent form of therapy so that they realise that they are not fit to rule and make way for better people.
    The big question is who will deliver the kick this time and when. Will China and Pakistan oblige us? Or will it be our mighty Maoists with a Nepal like revolution?

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    actually arun prakashs sermon shows what a long way we have to go before even our “leaders” call a spade a spade.

    the fact of life is that he cant bring himself to openly admit it was his muslim peers in kashmir who used to tune into radio pakistan, while the hindus and sikhs used to cower in fear or make do under the idiotic claim of “kashmiriyat”, which is and was a fraud.

    so lets see, kashmiris riot when hindus attempt to visit a shrine – but jammu folks take umbrage and that is divisive politics.

    such is secular india.

    you cannot call a spade a spade and the people of the valley what they are, a bunch of islamist taliban ingrates, who first cheered the ethnic cleansing of hapless pandits, and who after eating decades of indian money, still want “azaadi”.

    and of course, our leaders want to equate the people of jammu – who went with roses and indian flags in peaceful protests time and again, till they were thrashed and violence erupted, to the beautiful people of the valley. who express themselves via rocks, via cursing india and hindus, and of course, viva le pakistan.

    what equivalence.

    of course arun prakashs words come as no particular shock. of the three services, the navy is the least committed to kashmir and has mostly watched it from afar, bar the occasional bearded marcos in wullar lake. the army has paid in blood.

    so all the ramdas, nadkarni and now arun prakash types, yes please weep for the poor kashmiris, but do not wonder why even the average jammuite- hindu and muslim, has contempt for the national leaders, because of their hypocrisy.

    if you want to join them in their equivalence, and equating patriots with traitors, please do so. we by now, are used to having our heroes with feets of clay.

    including the prakashs.

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    i did not know arun prakash was from kashmir. good article.

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    Saying this might appear parochial to some people, but the fact of the matter is that first Pakistan and now Kashmir seeking separatism from India is akin to Britishers and Anglo-Indians hypothetically appropriating large swathes of India for themselves after Britain withdrew from India saying that they have a different identity from India and deserve self-determination. Anything like this is totally unjust and can never be allowed. People from all over the world are welcome to come and live in India but they CAN’T appropriate pieces of India for themselves. Kashmir is and will be a part of India. Anything else will be a historical crime and us Indians should NEVER allow it.

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    So typical! As if the faujis, to use the term generally for services types, are better than the others. How very convenient to forget 1962, Kargil and many others that lie in the cupboards of Headquarters.

    And not forget that each one of these has sacrificed principles and ethics on something called expediency at least once a month if not more frequently. Then to sermonise. ha!

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    J P Joshi

    I am no great fan of Indian politicians, but do understand that it is not a simple job to keep this great nation of ours together, with all its diversities. Keeping a family together is just one example of what it takes. Our politicians are not the finest but they should be credited with keeping this nation together despite all odds – of course the odds were created by these same politicians, at times. Babri Masjid, Gujarat 2002 are examples of this. I concur with some of the suggestions of the Admiral like no criminal in politics, but educational requirements for politicians is not tenable until we can have every citizen who is educated. Politicians only represent average citizens, and if these average citizens are illiterate, so will our politicians be.

    India has not been failed by the politicians alone, it is also our urban, educated classes that have failed India. We break all rules that are there to govern us. We form the largest and most effective part of the bureaucracy which is the most corrupt, for personal gains only. We have the finest laws made by our politicians. We have the lowest adherance to these laws. Who is to implement them – the government, or in effect the same executive branch of the government comprising of bureaucracy. Why does the District Commissioner or IGP not taken action when law and order is disturbed. He does not need the authority from a politician to control the situation. He already has the authority given to him by the law. He waits for the political signal for his own personal agenda. The politician uses him because the executive gives them the chance.

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    Kudos to the admiral for coming out with this article. Indeed very well written. high time the army steps in and clears the mess these stupid politicians have put the country into.

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    The participation by former military commanders in India’s security debate is welcome development. Something which can bring profound change in public debate regarding security in India.

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    A poignant piece that seems to come straight from the heart. We need more of such clarion calls to cleanse our polity. Hopefully with the advent of the web, and the media explosion, it will happen sooner than later. But the “Reveille” has to be constantly sounded.

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