F/A-18 India
Boeing India Partnership

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    Say bye bye to Spyder now. Its cought in its own net, lol.

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    I think on a positive note the vigilance clearance prior to acquisition might give the Israelis protection from denigration campaigns by anti-Semitic and “secular” parties like CPM. Israelis have given us some kick ass weapons systems (albeit for a good price) that other countries will kill for even though we have strong ties to its mortal enemies like Saddam Hussein, Syria and Iran.Since they saved our ass in Kargil, we have an obligation to support their defense industries through direct import or JVs.

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    Israelis show their true colors and stab us in the back. We must develop and manufacture weapons here in India itself.

    Screw Israel.

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    hey shiv this is nipun ,
    dorply to yhis please .i read that india have finaly purchased 18 spyder systems to be delivered b/w 2011 to 2012 august…. is it true and is army is also gettin these systems too.


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