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    shiv, Did u ask about the Naval LCA. Read in The Hindu that ADA and HAL have ambitious plans of teat flying it thee next year with a new powerful engine based on PV-5

    Its immpossible that it would happen ,but what’s the navy’s point of view.

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    The fruits of motivated elements allowing the ATS and the media to yap on about “Hindu Terror” and “Terror in uniform”. We are at war. Who will save us now? The same soldiers who we wanted to deny a bloody grade pay? The same generals who are lower than bloody DGPs?

    Shame on this country. Shame on her, and shame on us. And particulary shame on the fifth columnists in the media. And shame on this government that wanted to make a poll issue out being soft on terror.

    Words cannot express my rage and anger and frustration at the weakness of our national psyche.

    For shame. We are a nation of filth, and we get what we deserve.

    For Shame.

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    @ aditya

    shame shame chillane se kya hoga.
    baboo logon ne to apni power dikha dee. ek choti see noting se 60 din beet gaye aur GOM ki bhi himmat nahin hai ki fauz ke favour mein decision le sake.
    ab agar fauz mein himmat ho to kucch kar ke dikhae. hai himmat koi noting dal ke baith jane ki.
    hai himmat mana karne ki.

    arre army act mein aisa jayenge ki dekhte reh jayange isliye shanti se baithe raho shayad BJP aye to shayad sune.

    shant raho shame shame chillane se kuchh nahin hoga

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    ATS head Hemant Kerkar, and Addl CP Kamte killed in an ambush while making a visit to Cama Hospital.

    Rest in peace. How long will we lose our soldiers, policemen, civilians, and our national spirit before we respond?

    I am certain that the “Hindu terror” and “Terror in uniform” and “Armed forces pay anomalies” issues have been raised to demoralise the security forces.

    Who profits from the crime? Our not so friendly neighbors.

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    I wonder do we have a mole in the beureucracy who is hell bent on sabotaging the armed forces. UNFORTUNATE THAT GOVT IS YET TO ANNOUNCE THE DECISION ON CORE ISSUES

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    When is this tomorrow likely to come ?

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    Hi Shiv

    Great job mate!

    Perhaps you will find the time to post your interview with the CNS this week?

    Will you also do another feature from CNS’s Navy Day conference?

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    Hello Shiv, when do u plan on posting your interview with the CNS? Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work.


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