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    The summary rejection of grant of uniform grade pay to the military at par with their civil services counterparts is fraught with grave consequences as it creats an everlasting rift/disparity between the civil serices & the military. As it stands today ,there prevails a hostile attitudes even between para military & military services due to bungling by the Pay commission . It is glaringly evident that the civil/Admin services have reaped maximum benefits from 6th Pay commision report while the Govt finds it difficult to fulfill the genuine aspirations of the military personnel.
    It is time for the service Chiefs to take a firm stand on the just demands & be prepared to resign their posts . I wonder if any succesive chiefs would be prepared to face the wrath of middle rank officers who make up 70 % of the Officers corps in all the three services.
    It is time for ESM / veterans to unite for OROP demand .Remember today's serving are tomorrow's Veterans.

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    Thanks Shiv Aroor for the support you have extended to the Armed Forces, beleaugered and under hostile environment created by IAS, IDAS, AFHCS, MES and BRO. Unfortunate but true that here the tail is wagging the Dog very badly.

    Those very people who exist for the so called good of the Armed Forces have turned as bitter compititors and enemies, of course led by the archiac IAS Babus. They are the main culprit with Shushma Nath and KMC gaining notority more than Phoolan Devi and Nadir Shah.

    I heard of and read about Competetive bureacracies and encraochments of turfs etc but never saw such dirty and ammoral manipulations vitiating the entir atmosphere having deep and long term consequences. These IAS bosses have crossed all limits of nicecities and dignified behviour which one expected from them without proofs otherwise.

    So far as IDAS, AFSCS, MES and other useless third class cadres are concerned, their undignified low standard behviour and conduct is well known and nothing better could be expected out of them but IAS stooping historic low is but sure sign of the fallen standards.

    I am afraid the atmosphere has been so badly vitiated that it may result in functionality getting effected resulting is loss to operatinal effectiveness. At least the present generation of the Armed Forces (Lt cols will last till another 16 to 18 years) will never trust these guys…

    The Babus hold the Armed Forces to ransom…

    I think we need immidiate changes in our system…

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    If the grade pay is not equalised, it will be a gross anomaly. The armed forces may revolt. India has not suffered a serious mutiny in nearly a hundered years, and the political classes do not have any idea what it means.

    The British understood, and thats why they made sure their troops were well paid and fed.

    The armed forces are the ultimate defenders of this nation.

    This nation does not deserve the military that it has. It may soon get one that it does deserve.

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    Dear Shiv, why no comments since 0335 AM. At least u posted the much awaited update courtesy PTI. What happened to your source ? Why no coverage of ESM hunger strike at Jantar Mantar. We expect better from u.

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    Something is very wrong with this picture. The armed forces are going to be extremely demoralised and will haemorrage personnel.

    Could this pay commission saazish have originated with the ISI, or better yet, with the Panda to the north?

    Weakening the armed forces is something that benefits our enemies.

    And we all know how easily bought our bureaucracy and political classes are.

    Something is very rotten. The military should not allow itself to be beaten like this. It should take resolute action to ensure that this country isnt sold down the river.

    The past five years have been very bad for this nation. This UPA govt has presided over:

    1. Increased communalisation. Hindu-Muslim-Christian ties are at their Nadir, under this so called secular government. The situation has reached near two-nation theory proportions.

    2. Casteism is at its height.

    3. The armed forces morale is at its nadir. Noone wants to join, those who are in, want to leave.

    4. Terror has free reign.

    5. The intelligence agencies seem to be headed by spectacular duds. Indeed, they seem to be in disarray, with infighting amongst various cadres.

    6. Various measures seem to be being taken to bring the economy to its knees.

    7. Regionalism is at its zenith. Refer Maharashtra, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir.

    In other words, the country is being torn apart, from within. Isnt that the ultimate goal of the ISI across the border?

    Something is very rotten. And the armed forces were the last bastion against the nefarious designs of whomsoever has planned this for India. Confusion and infighting reign amid our population. The chain of command, with the Armed Forces coordinating a response to enemy activity has been tampered with. Infighting reigns in our defence and security establishment.

    I am a civilian. But I hope someone will act, with immediate resolve. I think a few hangings for treason are in order. At once.

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    Dear COAS, CNS & CAS.
    Do you have the guts to resign ?

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    It is a let down. PB4 was a bureaucracy induced aberration.It has not been resolved fully.
    Without uniform grade pay izzat and equivalene in civil military coordination is at stake.

    I was in army for over 20 years.Glad I left it.With current situation how could look in to the eyes of the Jawan and subordinates and arouse their izzat when the PM himeself has decided that Army is not equal to the Civil services in every grade?

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    Don’t crib that he, they, who,EVERYONE are not giving what is due to us. Get a good qualification to leave, before or after pension.Get a good job outside look after your family and don’t run around the country every two years on posting, all your loved ones suffer.The earlier you understand this it is better No one told you to join.There is excellent jobs waiting outside for qualified defense personnel. Let the group of ministers fight the Pakis/china/bangladesh/flood/earthquake e.t.c.1962 type debacle is coming closer,in next 10 to 15 years if this keeps going on.HOPE then the same people are in power then so that they can be held to task.”GOD SAVE THE KING”, SORRY INDIA

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    LETS wait and see

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    dear chiefs show your guts to resign for a cause perhaps people will remember you for this.
    There will be lot many others who shall follow you.
    remember even the mother will not feed you unless you cry

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    Murder, plunder, cheat ,.,this is what it will come to if things are not sorted out now , the effect will not be immediate but 10 yrs hence & then it will be too late .The military is very powerful & they know it ,dont incite them that is all that I beg .This is a good democracy but it doesnt take very long to destroy it –lol

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    Armchair Analysis

    Ladies & gentlemen Officers and Veterans,

    Hunger strike at Jantar Mantar etc will not produce results because all and sundry with cause lost and foolish sit there and pretend to be on hunger strike. Potti Sriramulu died for Andhra Pradesh? Anyone who will do so for the serving/veterans?

    Second, why lament on what is lost because of the 6th CPC? Where are LK Advani, that Arun Jaitely who has as many glib things to say about many things or even Rajiv Pratap Rudy whose brother was an IAF officer? Did they raise any noise let alone a storm in Parliament? Did they speak about the armed Forces? They will not because they need the bureaucrats.

    Why blame the IDAS, the MES? They too are fighting for their rights as much as we are? And in fighting everything is fair -isn't that what we were taught.

    As for the Chetwoodian adage – who really cares about Bharat/Hindustan/India? The politicians don't, the IAS does not, the police are too busy doing something other than maintaining law & order.

    So who really cares? The media had its TRPs and bytes and column inches and now there are the Kasavs/Qasabs/Antulays to grab the headlines.

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    We must make an endeavour to educate our command about their rights and if we fail then we are selfish. The young soldiers and officers should be empowered to fight for their rights as we tell them to fight the enemy.
    Take a pledge that we will not degrade men in uniform for our selfish interest ie red lipstick on the collar.

    What ever has to happen will happen. If promotion is to happen you will get it. Dont order a young officer to go can lick a civilian babus ass to get the work done.

    Maintain your dignity. The top bosses are trying to make a start. If situation demands I am sure they will not hesitate to take the ultimate step to resign. I can assure you that no other officer can dare to take their place as he will be lynched by the soldiers and the young officers.

    The fight which we have started cannot be left midway. It is our duty to take it to a conclusive end.

    Be united and have faith in God.The babus and co will crumple in front of our resilience.

    All options are not open to The Indian state against Pakistan. The armed forces are not ready to give sacrifice with this state of affairs. So Mr PM, FM and DM please change your stands accordingly. Or you are most welcome to plan these options with band of babus, PMF and police. We will ready the equipment for these forces along with state burial.

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    Kasav wants to join the Indian Army. I believe the Sardar has decided to pardon the ‘poor’ chap and give him a commission. He will feel at home in the MoD.
    He is being placed in charge of pensions and pay for the armed forces.
    We have so many Kasavs’ in the MoD so he will feel at home.
    In fact the Veterans are wasting their time going on a fast at Jantar Mantar. They must boycott the Republic Day celebrations. Follow Gandhijis principle of non-cooperation. This is a nation which can come out with candle light processions and human chains for the victims of the terrorist’s attacks but they will not support the military other than theatricals.
    Maybe the Pakis should call Pranabs bluff of war. Then the Indians will see the Pakis coming a knocking. The ungrateful wretches will then clamour for military appeasement. All talk of honour etc is a mugs game. Our people are like the Politicians they elect and the Bureaucrats they fester. Jab kaam aata hain to talwe chaatenge varna laat marenge.

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    It turns out that the political consensus that was being sought on the demand didn’t come through. Actually there was consensus — no party thought it was feasible or necessary.

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    The officers whose release has not been sanctioned should approach the courts to get their releases through. Slavery has been abolished in India. No govt can force officers to work after they have changed the goal posts without the consent of the officers. Govt and the insensitive top brass can find their replacements elsewhere.

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    I realy wonder if majority of the feedbacks and Comments are from Pakistan….

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    those DIGs who were drawing lesser pay than Cols are today elevated to be par with Brigadiers. the reason should either be extremely good performance by the police or poor performance by the armed forces. complete police force of mumbai was proved to be impotent in front of ten armed terrorrists, and hence it can’t be super-efficiency of police force. even a poor grading in annual confidential report warrants communication to the effected. this blatant degradation of armed forces officers warrants at least an explanation why they are degraded from their status from V CPC to VI CPC.

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    Anonymous said… I realy wonder if majority of the feedbacks and Comments are from Pakistan….

    11:57 PM
    No way Sir. These are just pure Indians who are resisting the subversion of the Armed forces by an Italian Mafia Temptress and her coterie of impotent ministers and wily bureaucrats who may be on the payrolls of the ISI. After all right from the SDM stage onwards these guys are adept at ‘under-the-table’financial deals. What difference does it make to them to garner another deal with the ISI to sell out the country. Indian history is replete with tales of such snakes. That is why we were ruled by invaders for over a 1000 years.

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    Sea Dog

    I have recently left the fauj and got an excellent placement outside. Happy I did that. No regrets at all for leaving. The scene in civvy street – accomodation which does not leak or fall apart, the soofy medical, infrastructure, overall ambience and the sense of freedom and purpose is simply amazing. Placement is not such a big issue.

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    I think our political and bureaucratic leadership deserves Durranies, Kayanies, Guls and Baitullas to understand things….

    They understand their language only. They are so scared and terrifies of the Napaki genarals and Abdali type terrorists that when they are beaten up by those, they start biting at and degrading their own generals in retaliation and frustrations.

    Now they want more than a division size force of Armymen, specially trained and specialized as NSG in metro hubs under IPS clots.

    Tomorrow, DGP J&K, will claim that he is in-charge of Northern Command and Northern theater, citing NSG as a precedent. They have already started calling the CPOs and PMF without militarization of the CPOs. Slowly Mr Kumawat will start designating himself as Field Marshall Kumawat(internal Security). They have No sense of of national causes when it comes to their own self- aggrandizement. They are all set to raise to dust the last bastion of Indian democracy – the Armed Forces.

    Army must put their foot down on the issue of Command of SAG. Army would need that fine force as force multiplier and as specialized resource in all contingencies including anti insurgency, anti terrorism, peace and wartime requirements. NSG must always remain in the loop of operational plans of the Defence Forces and needs to be trained and prepared for it even if the administrative Control of the Force remains under Mr Kumawat. IPS, professionally have nothing to do with such a force.

    It is thus necessary that these huge resources and forces should not be allowed to be under Police just to placate IPS lobby. This is not the issue of turf or ego. This issue needs to recognized and acted upon in terms of operation necessity of Defense of India (internally and externally). Putting them under command of a professional general of the Army would be functional necessity, logical and right step.

    I hope sense prevails with Chidamabaram ji and Antony Ji. Or the NSG will degenerate into another huge police ATS….

    Listen sir..our IPS are no match for Drranies, Kayanies and Guls… Let the professionals do their jobs….IPS should concentrate on their tasks in IB and RAW and other agencies like NCB, DRI, etc where they can really do some wonders…

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    Times of India front page –23 december

    Don’t worry pranab mukherjii if this India keeps ill treating defense forces you may not get anything to wear.

    So finally this country this country has declared that isss Desh mein fauzi ki aukaat kutte jitnii bhi nanhi hai.

    Three chiefs kept begging for three months so this is the result.
    Teachers went on two day strike and they got PB4 in 12 years with 9000 grade pay.

    Curse you own COLs and GENs who now will force you to f**** yourself for this useless nation which is not bothered about you.

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    PARITY IS IMPORTANT!! Recently, the youngster DC in Manipur called off a security meeting in his office since the monthly meeting was attended only by the Commanding Officers and the Brigade Commander was missing. The SP of the same district with 7 yrs service rubbed down two senior Majors for reaching his office without prior appointment and refusing to talk to him. Unfortunately, our own bosses had circulated a letter of precedence which placed ridiculously jr state govt officers (including tribal leaders) much above the commanding officer of a unit. Even the patwari started issuing directions to army.

    Soldies lives and dies for Izzat. Parity implies Izzat. Is’nt a person valuing money more than Izzat called a Prostitute?

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    Lets impose a gag order on ourselves till the official notification comes out. Then we shall see.

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    Yes ….this DC and DIG issue is rediculious…a young IAS lad and 14 years of service IPS DIG think they are equivalant to a Brigadier of 30 years of service….

    Simply rediculious..many states in their Order of Precedence have put Brigadiers below the DC….

    Have these Netas, insatiable IAS and IPS have some shame..??? They want Constitutional provision to provide them protection for late entery but having entred they attin Maj gen position in merely 16 byears and then they have no regards for the age and service of a brigadier and Maj gen…

    Shameful manners and customs not in cononance with status and positions these one examination types thrust elites ehibit and demand…

    Fauzies are not their Subordinates not connected with Policing and administration to be kept under control. If they do not wish to give redards and respect to senior and old Fauzies, they need to be shown their places by the society and system…If this does not happen amicably, then bureaucrates would be forced to descipline and behave themselves.

    They have subverted everything by lokking after bathrooms of Mantriji over last 60 years…

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    Alas, this is a symptom of the decay of Indian society and democracy itself. Instead of aiming for the best, we are involved in a race to the bottom.

    60 years ago, we used to take the best of the best in our government and civil and military services. Democracy has brought egalitarianism, but also crassness.

    There are no rules anymore, and it is every man for himself.

    What this country needs is a framework which protects the constitution from damage. An ultimate arbiter. We are a young democracy yet. We must make sure that we are not ruined by considerations such as false equality, false secularism, and real and misguided populism.

    It is of the essence that balance is restored in our democracy. Someone must prevent this crass materialism, and the age of ideals must be brought back.

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    If parity is not given then the military should change its stance. At Service HQs all IAS /IDAS officers must be addressed by firts names by even the Jr most officer. Ridicule their lack of knowledge by writing notings like "I wonder how this could have not been comprehedend' etc. If the Nation is not bothered then so shouldn't the Military. Work like the IAS/IPS. Take bribes don't prosecute. Image be damned. Take 30 years to push a file. And when there is a f-up blame it on the incompetence of the civilian babu who has no knowledge of the subject. Make him feel like a pariah in the Integrated HQS. Write notings like – 'The officer has no ground experience so he should visit the formation on ground before further action. Send them to J&K, Siachen and the NE before for every noting they write. When in J&K take him on a patrol and dump the SOB. In Siachen leave him at Sonam and don't get him picked up. His Grand Pop will respect a serviceman the next time he sees one. Apne pocket se ghoos ke maal se fauji ko status dega.

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    Kautilya’s sagely advice to Chandragupta on the Mauryan Soldier.

    “Pataliputra rests each night in peaceful comfort, O King, secure in the belief that the distant borders of Magadha are inviolate and the interiors are safe and secure, thanks only to the Mauryan Army standing vigil with naked swords and eyes peeled for action, day and night, in weather fair and foul, all eight praharas (round the clock), quite unmindful of personal discomfort and hardship, all through the year, year after year.

    To this man, O Rajadhiraja, you owe a debt: please, therefore, see to it, suo motu, that the soldier continuously gets his dues in every form and respect, be they his needs or his wants, for he is not likely to ask for them himself.

    The day the soldier has to demand his dues will be a sad day for Magadha; for then, on that day, you will have lost all moral sanction to be King!”

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    Please stop comparing to the IAS u idiots. Its u people who have chosen your stature. When a JS/ Secretary/ General/Admiral level visit is planned in any unit have u noticed how the Lt col/ Cdr level asses run around. Will any IAS run around to supervise Pandalwallas/ Tent wallas/ Where to put flowers, where to spray perfumes, which colour background in the presentation, which font to use, preparation of expense account, u name it they do it. Are these jobs worthy of Cdrs/ LtCols / Lt Cdrs. IAS has higher activities to look after. They are not Clerks or Assistants they are decision makers. They dont deal with petty jobs. Actually its the govt.’s magnanimity that they have given you “petty Officers” gangway manning gatekeepers so much and now even the PB4……..GROW UP….

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    Neeti Joshi

    what will be stand of the armed forces now….because they were told to be fighting for izzat and not for money…………….what will happen to other anomalies which were inserted by the babus…………..

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    It turns out that the political consensus that was being sought on the demand didn’t come through. Actually there was consensus — no party thought it was feasible or necessary. So a thought for them as they languish in protest at Jantar Mantar.
    Someone has sent you up sh*t creek by leaking duff information. Who ever told you that 'No party thought it was feasible'. The Italian B**ch & and her imbecile wimps are not the sole party of the Govt of India. We are in a democracy. Here is what the leader of the opposition has written.
    Press Statement issued by Shri Jaswant Singh
    Leader of the Opposition (Rajya Sabha)

    The Bhartiya Janata Party views with concern the relay fast undertaken by veterans of our defence forces at Jantar Mantar as it enters its 8th day today. Sipahi Suleman Khan and Naik Lek Raj, who have been on ‘fast unto death’, have now been joined by Captain Om Prakash and Subedar Major Dahiya. The number of volunteers sitting on ‘fast unto death’ is likely to rise in the days to come.

    The basic demand of the veterans is ‘One Rank one Pension’ (OROP). The issue has already been debated in Parliament and examined by the Parliamentary Committee on Defence in detail. The unanimous recommendation is to accept this demand. The BJP has always supported this vital concern.

    Shri Jaswant Singh the Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha had once again raised the issue on the floor of the house on 23 October 2008. He has also written to the Raksha Mantri drawing his attention to the matter urgently.

    Their demands are:-

    One Rank One Pension (OROP)
    Resettlement till the age of sixty
    Consideration of an Ex Servicemen Commission
    Services representation on all committees deciding issues of their concern.

    Pension is a right for services rendered. Elementary logic suggests that two individuals rendering equal service and reaching the same rank, thereby having discharged the same level of responsibility, should get equal compensation, irrespective of their dates of retirement.

    The Bhartiya Janata Party therefore demands of the Government to immediately take steps to save lives of the veterans, both being Personnel Below Officer rank through suitable and urgent action.

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    @Anno 3:52 PM

    Thanks for a sane and sensible comment but unfortunately that is day dreaming…

    In India, ideology (principles) have been forsaken by the elites for expediency and opportunism. Since Indian elites have stopped believing in Principles, there is no Policy. Since there is No Policy, there is No system. In the absence of benchmarks and standards, every opportunity and every action is directed at expediency, survival and day to day benefits. Grabbing, manipulations, hoodwinking, treachery and a sense of despondency leading to unethical behavior has broken down what ever remains of system. There is nothing between groups and leaders but a sense of mistrust.

    It is most unfortunate that it all was started by IAS cadre who claim to be the guardians of the system and the so called moral keepers, “permanent executive” and “political Controller”. Since IAS claimed so, their unprincipled behavior led to the CCS people and their office peons calling themselves the Government.
    inexperienced, greedy and corrupt Politician put their seal of approval on such undemocratic claims and beliefs.

    In the absence of Control, The IAS have attined powers and positions not meant and intened for them. The bureaucratic space being limited, this was done at the illegitimate costs of the other cadres. IAS also assumed the mantle of the strategic managers of the Country and even Natinal interests have fallen to secondary value to their personal causes.

    IAS is the root of all administrative chaos in the Country, dissatisfaction of all other cadres, poor state of Armed Forces and misguidance to the Politicians. All the rot in the Country in area of Policing and Administration can be directly ascribed to the system failing and becoming subordinate to the personal ambitions of “Boston Brahmins” called IAS and IPS. Services close to them such as CCS, revenue official, secretariat staff, Thanedaar, Police became scavengers following them.

    It is the result and consequantial effects which justifies or proves the efficacy of a system. High moral ground, reasoning and colonial system of recruitment for All India Services and Class B services is a pathetic failure. Injection of social justice elements have had no improving effects.

    Why then pontificate and say that the system ever had principles and the system ever existed when the keepers of the system such as Cab secy deliberately and successively sabotaged the poor system in their own favor.

    My humble request to them is to spare the Armed forces for good of their country. They should hit at Kayanis and Masoods if they have some thing left below their underpants rather than enslaving the Indian Armed Forces in retaliation.

    Indian Armed Forces have had enough of these Boston Babus….Run Armed Forces on “Principles” and “system” if your itchy subconscious desires to govern fauzies persists. But do not poke your nose in operational affairs like you did in Mumbay … Do not play generals…Nehru Ji has done that enough and we have not recovered from that humiliation so far…

    Jai Hind…

  35. 35


    Ann 10:30 PM

    Thanks for expressing your real feelings…

    Since Armed forces officers are worth gate keeprs and gangmen in India that is precisely why you have Ajmal kasab and nine others uneducated Jihadies shredding apart all your glorified policies, administration and police. They went to all good places for Policy makers like you and showed you your real place…

    That is worth of you Policy, adminstration and policing…

    Think who needs to grow up… the gangmen or you pigheaded freeloaders….or else these Kayanies and Qasabs will rape your dear ones infront of you and and ask you while making you lick your policies..

    Some people will never improve merely by counsel…including CPOs is IAS garbs..

  36. 36


    Dear All,

    A question may be asked as to why Indian Armed forces are not able to put forward their point of view in a convincing manner in matters concerning the welfare of their Soldiers.
    Going by the, time tested universal, proverb- Where there is ( belated) will, there is a (doubly belated) way . There seems to be no shortage of belated will here therefore the blame can be safely attributed to- the ways only, but for a gentleman (A soldier ) is restricted to follow gentle ways only, even when facing the unscrupulous ( Please correct me if I am wrong). Let us remain optimistic and sing- Gentleman ki suno VO (uparwala) tumahri sunega, Tum ek paisa doge Vo dus lakh dega………………………….Or Vo subha kabhi to ayegi…………………………………………………………
    And only hope that it comes wihin our life time…….. so what if it comes doubly late.

  37. 37


    Anonymous 7:24 PM
    but for a gentleman (A soldier ) is restricted to follow gentle ways only, even when facing the unscrupulous ( Please correct me if I am wrong).
    Permit me to correct you. There is a saying that unless you dont F**k the guys Mom woh tumhe Baap nahi kahega. Gentlmanliness and decency is taken as a form of weakness. Screw the SOB and they will respect you. Why do you think the Indians call the IAS their Baap. Because this clan keeps on screwing India. Time to screw the Baap.

  38. 38


    There is no other way gentlemen and ladies of the def forces. Plan of action as under:
    (A) Identify 30 parliamentary constituencies which have large concentration of ex servicemen and large number of cantts. As per new rules of election conmmission the soldiers can vote for local candidates.
    (B) Select suitable candidates out of ex servicemen , a lot of these should be JCOs and NCOs
    (C) Launch door to door campaign in a scientific way

    With agressive campaigning and all soldiers and ex servicemen voting enmass along with their relatives and friends there is possibility of winning atleast 10 seats

    And with these 10 parliamentary seats just imagine what can be done in a fractured mandate ; it will always be fractured for long time to come.

    If this is not acceptable we can keep crying ourself hoarse and go on hunger strikes. Amen!! Comments please

  39. 39


    I fully agree with you.
    The ISI, through the Baboos(IAS/IFS)on its payroll,has successfully demoralised the Armed Forces & broken its will/resolve to fight Pak's hihgly motivated military.That is why Kiyani,a professional soldier who understands imp of morale as battle winning factor, is not bothered about India/Pranab's rhetoric statemens about war.Infact it appears that Baboos have been instructed by thier ISI handlers to manipulate & somehow push indian forces into war with Pak.Beware,we will not be able to counter a massive,& now very likely, thrust by Taliban,supported by Pak army, into J&K.

  40. 40


    The armed forces, in part do have themselves to blame for their lack of stature.

    Look at the way the army treats its junior officers. In the British days, even a Lieutenant was a “Burra Sahab’. A representative of the power of the state, and therefore not tasked to do menial things. The way we behave with officers even up to the rank of Col. is shameful. They are treated like cannon fodder, like menials.

    The army is all too ready to accept and assign any degrading and stupid duty to a Major. Jobs which are properly the responsibility of a JCO are being handled by a Lt. Col.

    Whats the idea? When will the higher command give izzat to its own men?

    What of the JCOs? Dyou know that a Subedaar Major is the equivelent in Pay and Parity even according to this pay commission, of an Assistant Commissioner of Police/Deputy Superintendent of police/Sub Divisional Magistrate? How many of you people know this? Even officers go begging before these group B district officials, but how do they treat the Subedar Major?

    Much of this equivlence and parity problem is because of the armys own insolent and foolish attitude towards its officers. How will anyone respect someone who doesnt respect himself?

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    In Kerala State OROP has been implemented completely for all Govt employees.Before moving to Delhi our RM was in the state. He did not utter a word against OROP then. Now in the state his party is trying to claim credit for the same. The financial situation of the state is far far worse than the center!

  42. 42


    I am an aghast bystander. As a fauji I feel that we need to look inwards. We are to blame. We start shivering to the arrivals of the top babus at the drop of a hat. We must start respecting ourselves and our subordinates( I mean give them the due. Handle them with kindness and tact and not bully them. Otherwise they will spread the kind word around as what happens at home. I have often observed unobtrusively, that the ORs hardly have the respect for their superiors, and obedience is only by imposition and not out of respect. This will not stand us in good stead Also, we cringe and crawl for small freebies from politicos and small fry like bureaucrats who treat us like dirt. We need to first improve our image by projecting the best that we do. Put your best foot forward. Don’t rant and rave with poor language full of spelling mistakes. We seriously need to think of having our own media cell to project ourselves better and not depend on other media. The catch phrases will only remain-phrases like “Do you have it in You?’ Today we feel hollow and empty and violated and despite all this life has to go on. If we are ordered to go to war we go and fight a war which the politicos are not really convinced that we can win. We need to improve our morale and behave with dignity. If we feel that it has been violated then we must quit. There is no point in ranting and raving and frothing through all the gaps.
    With anger and in angst. A fauji!
    Jai Hind!

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    In AMC are we acting on it or not?Is MOD acting?

  44. 44


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