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    Prasun K Sengupta

    Magnificent and awesome panoramic view, Shiv! I can only hope that one day a similar integrated facility comes up for the proposed Joint Forces Wargaming & Simulation Establishment.

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    Aditya From Dubai

    I thank you giving us information for opening of new naval academy. I think we are are definetely not giving any importance to such news . We would apreciate more such news from you.

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    prasun,why don’t u build one for us?

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    shiv,u have any news abt that guy called Void Walker????

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    Hi My Name is PKS,

    I write a lot of defence related tid-bits for the news hungry Indian defence enthusiasts. Since they are all famished due to so little real action, they lap up with relish what I lay on for them. Of course I also use my imagination liberally to write authoritative sounding lines on all matters as if I have all kind of inside knowledge.

    HOWEVER, you don’t really need to read my blogs daily, since the one and only punch line remains the same, that is “ALL RUSSIAN WEAPON SYSTEMS ARE CRAP & ALL WESTERN SYSTEMS ARE BEST OF THE BEST." I basically look with shame at our history of usage of Soviet/Russian systems, but since US is ready to sell to us today we should immediately replace all our Russian hardware with shiny western ones. And since most of my readers are a wide eyed America awed NRIs, this kind of drift is sure to please you.

    So repeat after me:
    1. Armaris is better than RUBIN
    2. Boeing is better than Sukhoi
    3. Westinghouse is better than Tikhomirov
    4. Pratt & Whitney is better than Lyulka
    5. Sikrosky is better than Mil

    Unkil (aur unke european poodles) ki jai ho jaiho…….

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    Beautiful! Wonderful to see this fine institution come up. I am sure that it will produce a fine crop of new Naval Leaders.

    And set amidst such idyllic landscape. It is truly a jewel.

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    Prasun K Sengupta

    To [email protected]:39AM: Build what? Which project are you referring to?

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    ^ joker!


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