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    Why is India re-inventing the wheel? Use Dhruv’s as LUH. (Wasn’t Dhruv supposed to be actually a LUH?)

    Use the freed up resources to develop better products and give good quality.

    HAL cannot do everything. If it tries to do it, it will fail in everything.

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    This not exactly reinventing a wheel…..Dhruv is 5 tonne category chopper..wht our forces need is a 3 tonne category chopper which will require new concepts as it will have to fly to siachen…

    although it can be said the picture does looks like a reenginnered dhruv

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    197 out of the 384 Light utility helicopters were to be bought directly from a foreign manufacturer probably Eurocopter. If Eurocopter would devlop the rest of the 187 choppers too along with HAL Wont the AS550C3 Fennec be favoured ?MoreoverAgusta Westland is also in contention for the 197 LUH contract.

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    Why re-invent the wheel..exactly true. Eurocopter is already offering the AS 550C3 Fennec for the light chopper competition. work out a deal for full technology transfer, work with Eurocopter engineers to adapt the chopper to perform in out hot and humid, desert as well as cold and high climate. Does HAL want to build this desi chopper just to make a point..that they can build anything the armed forces want. If so, not only are the armed forces going to have to wait another 5 years for this chopper to materialize but have to further diversify the inventory!

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    wasn’t the LUH originally offered with a fan tail? what’s the status of the fan-tail project?


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