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    whats the range of apg79 and rbe2 aesa compared to this radar and can anyone tell for how much each fighter is being offered

  2. 2


    is it an AESA ?

  3. 3


    think a mig31 flying at sustained
    mach 2.4 at 60000 ft carrying 6
    R37 missiles and it can cause havoc in enemy air force to ground their tankers and EW aircraft and AWACS and even 10 of them can cause great damage to paki air force

    r37 has range of 300 km + 700 km combat radius of mig31 at sustained 2.4mach =1000 km combat radius at sustained speed of mach 2.4

    and thats y russia never sold them to china

    r 37 can b carried by sukhois but sukhois don’t have sustained speed of mach 2.4 for 700km

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    Can Mig-35’s Zhuk AESA radar be integrated with the Mig-29K’s which Indian Navy would be buying in the coming years.

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    For MMRCA deal india can place the orders in favour of MIG-35 with 100 % TOT. USA will not provide 100 % TOT including for AESA radar.

    due to india have the option to go for 200 nos , india can place 126 nos Mig-35 ( with TOT & Licensed ) and 74 nos F-16 IN / F-18 Hornet ( without TOT / Licensed )

    India needs AAM's with 160 kms to have edge with Pak/china, so India should try to get license to manufacture along with mig-35.


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