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    finally someone did it! I have been waiting for such pics to come out in the open, for a long time…shiv, it would be nice of you if you put up some more ,preferably those having the parameters of radars and other avionics items.
    PS: well done shiv,keep it up!

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    Like all Indians , am very happy and proud to see the LCA flying .

    Like a few Indians , am very sad that it is 25 years behind time and would not like to send my pilots to face the F-16 , J 17’s and the Eurofighters . Their lives are too precious.

    However , the LCA can be developed as a second line of defense along the samelines as the Brazilian AMX ( surprised!!)- as a light strike fighter and a point defense fighter available in sufficent numbers to deter any enemy who gets thru the first line as they invariably would.

    One query to all my colleagues. We are manufacturing the Hawk in India now and the British have a single seat lightweight fighter / strike version already available. Now conisdering the fact that the threat is in mountains and deep jungles , why cant we examine this option ? The hawk can serve as a modern gnat at much cheaper cost and again in sufficent numbers.

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    Is that the ADS on which the LCA’s are shown. If possible please post a few proper shots of the ADS from 5 – 6 angles.


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    The Indian Air Force’s first line of defence is as good as any major airforce power in the world. With the force multipliers in place, it is a sledgehammer which has the ability to crush any adversary (except the USAF) and including the PLAAF.
    The Tejas will fill in the gaps as the mass produced point defence fighter, but with the Mark II version, should be as good as any current 4 + gen fighters

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    you squint eyed Paki fool. Jf17 is a piece of crap that wont fly 100 ft beyond the runaway before crashing. what to talk of flying over Indian airspace.

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    the guy comparing it with F16, J17 and eurofighter, WAKE UP, F16 is an even older design, the IN super viper even burst it tires, LCA is smaller, and weapon-electronic load config is what makes the platform potent, AOA, takeoff weight, stealth all need to be compared, its better than F16 if one goes by mark 2 expectations, J17 is an older design, rather a russian copy, Tejas is far superior to it, and time will tell, i have friend in HAL working on it, so dont worry i know what im talking about, Eurofighter is another class togather and none of our enemy currently field it, even if they do we can compare it with SU30MKI, so please start trusting our talent, don’t go against facts.

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    to the idiot anon above comparing tejas to paki paint on chini piece of crap:

    chullu bhar pani me doob mar

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    Rahul Singh

    Annon @ 2:15. Aah! What a way to fool self. Tell you, your’s “LIKE ALL INDIAN” drama got watered the time you pitched J-17 between F-16 and EF.

    Oh god how juvenile a paki can be.
    “Bacche pehle pani pi k aa”

    J-17 might be good but its not as good as LCA-MK-1. And out of many reasons two most visible are “Composite Airframe” and “Fly-by-Wire” controls.

    BTW you PAKIes should stop fooling yourselves calling J-17 an indigenous fighter. No, simply no chinease source give any hint about any Paki involvement even at screw and bolts level. And how natural it is. PAC is yet to produce a fighter build from assembling semi knocked out kits.

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    Hi, I am vishal and new to this forum. I am a software engg by profession.

    Guys, we believe in our country men. go ahead. Some times i feel sad about not being part of our countrie's defence programs. You guys are lucky. I know that tejas is the first step to produce a world class fighter. We have the base platform now. from here it is easy to produce a fighter which is better than any fighter plane in the world. I know that we can do it. Way to go guys….. cheers.

    Tejas is a major success with some gaps as 99% of the world's R&D programs usually has. I am thrilled to see our men creating a stealth technology.

    I am eagerly waiting for the next version of tejas and KAVERI engines. As well as the innovative indigenous radar system……..scalable to israil

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    Deepak P

    First of all thanks for the pics. Secondly, I like to have attention for all who are worried for the delay in IOC, FOC, mass production of LCA. Tejas is not a superiority fighter like SU30MKI or a medium range fighter like F16, so the comparison is useless. It should be directly compared with JF17. Pakistan has launched JF17 and they are on a production which means any improvement is not an option. While we are still working on betterment of design, engine, avionics of Tejas which means we will present the best possible bird in it's class. I agree we are late but believe me the wait will worth. We are not fools that we spent $ 2 Billion in R & D, the experience and hard work will help us to build MCA in a haste, while PAC can't even think for a Gen 5 aircraft. I really want a mock war game between IAF and PAF where JF17 and LCA would be major participants. All queries about better fighter and better pilots will be answered in the sky, not paper.

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    awesome confidance… what we are worried is that , if we try to invent a technology that is currently best. by the time it gets implemented, western countries are inventing better technologies. Though we invent something, we are falling behind after a while… How can this gap be filled..


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