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    Isreal suffering from the hands of US on the issue of cost overrun of F-35…
    “It’s unbelievable, first it was $40 million to $50 million, and then they told us $70 million to $80 million. Now, we’re looking at nearly three times that amount, and who’s to say it won’t continue to climb?”

    isn’t it a time for IAF and indian govt to relook at their investment plan into russian PAK-FA …….

    once we committed into the joint venture …we will be bound to buy the aircrafts … a price which still not known……..Brazil has already took himself out of the project (rightly so)….
    and we all know what is the status of Eurofighter…..the four countries who were in that project got stuck now to buy that aircraft at $120mn/copy….

    and we also know what is the status of Soviet aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov…..

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    Wg Cdr S M Shukla(Rtd)

    Its good that the efforts of IESM have paid dividend and BJP has realised the vote bank thats building up and can not be ignored. Wonder how is that Congress is blind to this or they have adopted an ostrich type of attitude .

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    because the congress depends upon the anti-India votebank, it needs to shove a boot behind the services’ back to show its credentials to this lobby.

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    @Wg Cdr SM Shukla (Retd.)
    With due respect Sir, BJP has a habit of commiting things they dont even understand. They also commited abt d Ram Temple. Was it ever build? Same goes for Universal Civil Code, abolishing Art 370 & so on. Mr. Advani is so desperate right now that he will even commit handing Kashmir to Pak if that gets him a win in LS polls (a bit exaggeration on my part but used it to show how despo he is these days).
    The real problem sir is actually not the politicians in this case but the IAS babus who cant c neone getting equal to them.

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    UPA governmnet is ignoring many of the crucial factors needed to gain confidence among the public,one being the pay of the government employees. I am sure these factors are going to cost them dearly in the coming election.
    a PSU employee

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    ESM can be a good vote bank. 76 % of Indians are Hindus and they have been slighted during the Congress regime under the garb of SECULARISM. Saffron terror surfaces to prove the BJP as a non secular party. But who is being defamed – the Hindu or the BJP. I feel the Congress has defamed the Hindu and has cocked a snoot at the majority of Indians. The Congress did nothing when Karunanidhi incited Hindus by abusing Rama. The Congress did nothing when Raj abused the North Indians. Now let us look at the ESM Vote bank. 30 lakh retired servicemen. All have been humiliated by the Congress. 11 Lakh Serving Armed forces personnel who have been debased after the SCPC. That makes 30 lakh voting Indians. Multiply this by 4 since the ESM will get their kith and kin to vote along with them. That makes it about 1.2 Crore voters. In India of the total voter strength, on an average about 54 percent vote. Therefore the 12 crores works out to about 7-8 % of votes.
    I am also reminded of a rumor in Sikkim where the Armed Police Battalion Commandant was tasked to instruct his people on election duties to tell people to vote for a particular party. This may also happen when retired Armed Forces personnel are on duty at Polling booths. Doesn’t take much time to tell the people how the Congress sold the country out.
    Also before elections the ESM could file PIL petitions that the Congress has brought out songs like with words like Jai Jawan Jai Kissan included and this hurts the sentiments of the Services since they were humiliated during the Congress Regime which has continuously let them down from 1962 to date.
    Today a Politician in Maharashtra used certain words about the PM – may have been undignified BUT – was he wrong?

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    It goes without saying that there are few things less reliable than a politician before elections. But the Congress has proved even less reliable after the elections. In their pseudo secular mode they woo the minorities and use them as pawns to create unrest.
    Today in India, for 76% of Indians, it is a Crime to even be tagged a Hindu. For the rest they just keep getting promises. The BJP at least has no false pretences. They do not harm the minorities and most of the cases we hear are those blown up by the Congress.
    Has Headlines Today forgotten their young colleague Sowmya who was brutally murdered in the streets of Delhi.Where were the womens rights activists like Jayanti Natarajan then? Where were they when a ministers sone raped a foreigner in Goa?
    Congress spokepersons like Manish Tiwari and Jayanti Natarajan live up to their Slumdog image (the Jai Ho type) when they rave rant and scream on TV channels.
    NO MORE FAKE IMPORTED GANDHIS with an INSIPID (I would have like to use a better word but some beat me to it yesterday) ADVISORY COMMITTEE.
    ESM must spread the word that they will also be an active part of the electorate. No taking over the country – just ensuring it is governed well-By the people (not by an Italian) for the people.


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