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    great post shiv. keep it coming.

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    It's looking great.If it starts its
    test trials at the end of this year.then when will its complete testing phase ends or how long will it take for this wonderful
    machine to be inducted into the
    army.I hope it won't take as long
    as it took for LCA and Arjun MBT
    just for its test trials and it is
    still continuing.I think we should
    not underestimate the 'DRDO' just
    for some delays/partial failures
    afterall there are several projects
    that were & are being developed by
    the DRDO.Does the Pakistani and
    Chinese army have any unmanned
    armoured vehicles like this???

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    shiv,pls check ur inbox.

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    What happened to making IFV, which was loudly proclaimed when revealed to show indian prowess. Now I hear it is a tech demostrator, meaning it failed to impress army. Now DRDO is spreading resources to a project, which would be good if developed and fielded but unlikely to happen for sometime.

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    shiv,from where did you get that pic? do u hav a high -resolution version of it? I can’t read whats written in it.

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    Why show the pic of some random Dragon BMP? This is not the one DRDO is building. Gloss factor?

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    i would like to commend you for the depth of detail of this article. excellent work. please continue this great service you are doing.

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    why there are no indian howitzers?
    OFB and DRDo dont have the tech? They can atleast reverse engineer BOFORS with improvements!

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    latest news you will get, is that ofb manufactured is of inferior quality and everyboby pounds on drdo for this issue.Better to buy hotwitzer than ask for troube.Remember the indian field gun problem issue

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    How can the OFB make the guns properly if it cannot get the electricity properly.

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    Some info, but no mention of procurement. From Hindu (2008.12.17)- CVRDE director S. Sundaresh said: “They will be on the road in the later part of 2009.

    “They will be equipped with high-power lasers, sensors and have the global positioning system.

    “It will have a five-metre tall mast with sensors. A camera will take high-resolution pictures of the enemy territory and send the pictures by radio links to the base-station.”

    This vehicle will have a self-destruct capability, if captured. It will destroy itself after cleaning up its electronics. “This is one of the exciting areas we are working on.”

    The base station that will control the THREE types of vehicles will be located about five km away. The range can be extended up to 15 km.

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    The problems in home grown weapons can sort out with the help from private / foreign manufactures, so for new projects DRDO can start with co research with orther experts .
    We hardly need Anti-tank & Anti-aircraft missiles in warfield , We have the tech of these weapons , but research dept is feeble in Seeker tech so these problems should be solved immediately with abroad help .


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