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    Goodluck and go ahead CVRDE!

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    Go ahead DRDO and CVRDE best of luck. We need many Arjuns to kick the ass of Pukis and Chukis.

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    These are passive defense systems right.
    We should have active systems like Trophy,Arena etc..and we could trade heavy armour for more punch..like Britain’s plastic armored fighting vehicles.

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    Thanks Shiv,
    Good update in the DAS.
    But,I wold like to ask DRDO/CVRDE/ARDE that ..
    –Why the IR jammer and has not been put in both the sides too?

    –Also if there is a plan of integrating a Laser jammer like Chinese are doing in one of their MBT ?


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    Regrett..missed to add in my above comment.

    Is there any plan to develope and integrate a MMW radar jammer as well ?

    As we can see that all future ATGMs are going to be guided by either IIR or MMW seekers..hence my above question.


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    This is real good news from Arjun Front After a long time… 🙂

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    IR jammers usually point only to the threat axis – full 360 coverage would be too expensive and redundant. Also, for a test bed, I’d think that one is enough.

    mmW seekers are not too near – about 3-4 years. a jammer for that can be added as required. Right now, it is still IIR (flares and smoke will counter that) and lasers… again smoke.

    Great info Shiv… need more.

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    When is the Arjun actually going to be used by Indian Army. I have become old listening to this saga of Tank development that never seems to end. What does the IA want and what is the DRDO building I can’t understand.

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    Sir, I visited Avadi during 1974 as part of familerisation for Graduates of I A T PUNE. At that point of time the Tank was known M B T 80 which was rechrischined as MBT 90. A decade later still under duvelopment it was renamed as Arjun Tank. I have read so many comments about it that volumes could be written. The gestation period for developement is never ending. All those officers who were commisioned into army when the Aank project was started has since retired from the army. But alas the project has still not fructifid as yet. God may help Armed Corps. Jai Hind I D.

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    kuldeep singh chauhan

    really hope this project fructifies with deliveries 2 army starting ASAP.
    ofcourse itz among the best in its’ class.m confused y DGMO wud hinder the purchase intentionally n without valid reason itz incomprehensible watz their vested interest? i dunno..
    disinformation in media n blogosphere is understandable due 2 muscle of armament lobby but insiders criticisms i dont’ follow nor understand.

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    Arjun was never a failed project but made one by one excuses
    story started as india felt that it need of its own tank as t-55 and british tank had overheat problem in desert So project was start but drdo didnot calibrated with army and army top offical take note of it and took their revenge when in 1984 tank was given to army for trail and army rejected the tank each time by put the tank in such a condition that no tank in the world survive (In above 55 degree temperature no engine in world run more than 8 hrs and arjun lasted for 5 hrs) but when drdo in 2005 change its policy by inviting media(headline today and ndtv) for trail then army took new excuses that it to wide and heavy (Till now 2007 they army was sleeping) .But drdo came came with solution by taking T-72 chassis and arjun turret now army say that it needs a futuristic tank(and T-90 is bought for showcasing)

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    Since this is India’s first attempt to produce an MBT, should’nt this tank be produced in small quantity? Afterall we all know that we don’t do something very well in our first attempt. Then in the Mark II version, the army can buy a larger quantity. I wish India would do the same with LCA for the same reason –except consider MCA as Mark II version of LCA.

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    Arjun is very best tank with LAHAT anti-tank missiles , but arjun received 124 orders only by army/ these things happened due to it wasted more than 2 decades , so it has lost interest by Indian army to buy it , so any weapons it should be produced ontime .
    If we don’t have the core tech / others are ready to offers it , but DRDO doesn’t utilized it. so drdo need to involve indian private companies to take part in co-research / development.


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