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    shiv you were supposed to be a american no?

    be careful from the next time……….no russian kundams here…………..

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    The two models are not of the Amur / lada class.
    They are of the Kilo class. Notice that the Kilo class does not have a vertical fin facing upwards near the propeller while the lada class does.
    Also the horizontal fins are located on the hull of the sub in the kilo while they are located on the conning tower on the lada.

    So both the pictures of the models 4th and 5th pictures from the top are of the Kilo class and not the Lada class.

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    the only ssk better than the amur is the A-26 of sweden. if the amur dosen’t make it i hope the A-26 does. the amur without doubt is better than the smx-21 that the french are offering us. what gives the amur the edge is it’s ability to be QUIET. it is by far the quietest diesel submarine in the world.so much so that it is said that it creates a black hole in the ocean.the amur-1650 is just undetectable.the enemy will never know it’s there untill their own sub gets blown up.

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    The Amur class will also include provisions for a fuel cell plant that can be installed during construction or modernisation to give air independent propulsion with oxygen/hydrogen and electric/ chemical generators.According to estimates, Kristall-27E AIP system will increase the Amur Class submarines’ submerged endurance by 15 to 45 days more than any other conventional diesel submarine in the world (the longer endurance is ensured by a short-term operation of the diesel engine in the snorkeling mode).

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    hey, is it the Amur 1650 ?

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    the pictures 4 & 5 seem to tell a different story.

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    this sub looks like sister of
    u212 as they r of same tonnage

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    what is meaning of developing MRSAM with israel if there r already better SAM systems with longer range exist like s300pmu2,

    chinese have s300 with 90 km on their type52 destroyers with this MRSAM being made will have only 70 km range and that will take 5 years to develop

    this is like reinventing the wheel and this makes no sense

    moreover we r just paying money
    everything else being done in israel

    radar is israeli,
    seekers r isreali,
    data links r israeli
    testing is being done in israel

    and no tech transfer for seeker,radar

    what india is doing except throwing money

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    india became slave of britain because of our own bast**d people sold themselves

    and now the same thing is happening ex IAF,ARMY,NAVAL offices have sold themselves to foreign firms
    or foreign firms have bought these people.

    like not inducting arjun going for t90

    not inducting akaash missile while going for MRSAM with israel even though better SAM systems
    s300,400 already exixt

    if dhruv can b operated in leh or in siachen,kargil so what is need to buy 197 helicopters from abroad

    what is need to buy combat helicopters when mi35 already upgraded and HAL LCH will fly this or next year

    what is need to buy more jet trainers when v already building 66 BAE hawks,moreover hjt 36 being projected as subsonic trainer and two seater LCA AS supersonic trainer

    only because of currupt naval officers naval dhruv is in trouble
    and RFI issued to foreign firms

    so this all proves that our armed offices have sold themselves

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    air force wanted boeing to come again for selling of its apache and earlier tender has been canceled and now boeing will compete again

    the main reason boeing left as they claimed not enough time given to them but the main reason is

    boeing sold refurbished apache to south korea for $ 27 milion per apache and new apache cost almost $ 45-50 million

    so this contract was just $ 550 million for new combat helicopters
    so boeing can’t supply 22 apache + infrastucture in this price so they left

    so now u guys can except new RFP of increased price of
    $ 800-900 million for 22 combat helicopters

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    While comparing with china ,our india is far beyond in submarines. our inventory has 50 % vintage ones , so india need to have more sub's in fastrack, and try to reach atleast total of 40 nos by 2020 & should involve private companies by boosting them. Even though we have got the tech of scropene sub's from france , we don't have proper POLICY to further more manufacture of its kind / research for next gen sub's . So defense planners must avoid their Laziness in deciding India's future . Do not waste Money /Valuable time by Rpt / Tenders / Inspections – nearly our peoples are taking more than 5 yrs for deciding each products for purchasing /and making india very feeble in defense. Only True Patriot way will save india.

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    Yeah…yeah…..we should introduce reservations in weapons procurement. 50% quota for Indian products. what if Akash is not good enough for the Army or IAF, its Indian!! The end user should not be given any say in such things, and they should also be absolved of the responsibility of defending our nation….

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    deal with israel
    barak NG will have range of only 70km and moreover if they make it upto 100-120km range and that will take 5 years to build and
    s300PMU2 has range of 200 km and
    s400 has range of 400 km already

    and chinese invested in S400 and will buy it, moreover they already have s300pmu2 for land

    and have s300 on their ships with range of 90km so y navy going for BARAK NG if better s300 exixt

    there is no european and american SAM which compares S400 as of now

    the latest american system patriot 3 is at most comparable to
    russian s300pmu2

    and there is no european SAM system which beats s300pmu2,s400

    isn’t the 400 km range of S400 system enough to cover delhi or mumbai much better than israeli SAM

    moreover if v have s400 inside 150km from paki border it will still destroy thier aircraft and missiles 150 to 200km inside pakistan

    so what is foolish purpose of going for israeli SAMs when better SAMs already exixt

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    moreover singapore choose to go with aster 15 which has better range than brark-1 india bought

    and aster 30 operational on
    type 45 destroyer alredy has better range then barak NG

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    Russia is ready to offer any kind of products including S-400 , India hardly need it to save indian bases near to china border . china has s-400 & s-300 ( license ) in vast nos , but india has purchased only very few s-300 only , it is not at all enough to defend ourselves . Akash is one of the best sam , which is equal to patriot sam ,but normally indian products will not been selected by india .

    To avoid this kind of activity DRDO should co-produce weapons with other countries , then easily india will place orders after seeing foreign stickers in it.

    For longer range sam's india need to go for s-400 like china in massive.

    To avoid depletion in IAF , india need to produce more su-30 mki.

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    I think, India need to go for the new french submarine soon. India is way behind pakistan in submarine acquisition. India doesnt even have a submarine to counter Agostas if we go to war now. The scorpenes are still two years away.

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    To Shiv, why is the navy still lagging in ordering new submarines while pakistan is on the verge of acquiring U214 submarines. Another question is why did the navy did not opt for an AIP in scorpenes and wait for an indegenious one. It doesnt make sense to me. This gives pakistan a clear edge as far as staying hidden near indian coasts. Their submarine acquisition vs. indian submarine acquisistion concerns me. Whats yours suggestion?

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    Only the people works with true patriotism can identify what our country needs to secure india from foe's . Defence planners / Govt is very cool & not bothered about india's future .


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