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    Prasun K Sengupta

    A couple of queries should get you going, including:
    1) Is the Indian Navy coordinating its Heron-2 UAV surveillance flights with those of the SLAF’s Searcher Mk2 UAVs?
    2) Can the Indian Foreign Secretary and NSA throw some light on the extremely successful surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Navy’s Eastern Naval Command in 1988 throughout northeastern Sri Lanka, which resulted in 26 LTTE boats being destroyed over a 14-day period? The operation was then executed under the leadership of the IN’s VADM Premvir Dass. Will such surgical strikes be repeated by India this time at the request of Sri Lanka?
    3) Is the SLAF still on track to induct the 10 MiG-29s?
    4) How advanced are the plans by India to create a special economic zone in northeast Sri Lanka? What kind of timeframes is one talking about?
    5) Will the Indian Navy be called upon to despetch its LST-Ls to act as temporary hospital ships as part of the massive unfolding humanitarian relief effort?
    That’s all for now.

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    Top stuff, Shiv. About time we got some serious foreign journalism on the groun there.

    Looking forward to your posts!

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    This appears like a travelouge

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    Let us fully support Sri Lankans in their fight against terrorist Prabhakaran and his gang LTTE.

    These people have suffered badly just like we have with respect to US sponsored terrorism (via Pakistan).

    Let misguided ethnic loyalties not distract all right minded people from fighting terrorists and their sponsors.

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    the terminator

    The on-going saga in the north of Sri Lanka shows what a stupid bunch of people we have in the Foreign Ministry as well as RAW.

    Our policy makers have unwittingly played into the hands of the Sri Lankan government which has posed the China and Pakistan as the bogeymen, replacing India if the Indians interfered in their attempt to finish off the ethnic Tamil population in Jaffna.

    India has in fact played a significant part in the Jaffna Tamil genocide.

    If such a scenario had been presented to China, they would have grabbed the opportunity by helping the Jaffna Tamils covertly supplying them all military requirements. This would have prolonged the war and bogged down the Sri Lankan economy. Eventually the Chinese would have another lap dog like the Pakistanis.

    If the Indians had been foresighted, the Jaffna Tamils would have become an asset against the Chinese and Pakistani encroachment in Sri Lanka.

    Now that the genocide of the Jaffna Tamils is almost a fait accompli, what guarantees do the Indians have that the Chinese won’t become the protector of the Sinhalese Sri Lankans in the future? What guarantee is there Sri Lanka won’t become another Bangladesh in a proxy war waged by the Chinese? As it is the Chinese are already building a port in Sri Lanka which like the one in Gawdar, Pakistan would become a naval base in times of hostilities.

    Flogging an almost dead horse, the LTTE for their hand in the death of Rajiv Ghandi has only alienated the Jaffna Tamils and Tamil Nadu.

    The Indians could have played a more proactive role in the establishment of an autonomous enclave under Sri Lankan rule in Jaffna but as usual the Indians have been found wanting in diplomacy and political acumen.

    In a future conflict the disgruntled Jaffna Tamils could be used as a fifth column by China or even Pakistan.

    The poor and marginalized everywhere are exploited by the rich and powerful countries such as China.

    The collosal mismanagement of the Jaffna Tamil issue by the Indian government especially the Foreign Ministry has added another pearl in the Strings of Pearl theory of the Chinese to stifle India’s growth.

    But then who cares, not the babus on either side of the political divide in India.

    The guys laughing all the way to the banks would be the commies in India.


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