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    If there was an election for the post of Chief of Defence Staff, I would vote for Mr. Arun Prakash. Since that is never going to happen, Mr Prakash should get himself elected to the Rajya Sabha and then form a Parlimentary Standing Committee on Military Affairs. That is the only possible way this mess will be ever sorted.
    The politicians are quite content with the way things are right now as they can make money off of every imported defence deal (even coffins and body bags). The more deals the merrier. One sugestion would be to make the office of Chief of Defence
    Staff completely ‘independent’ -similar to the Chief Vigilance Comissioner and Chief Election Comissioner. Make him report directly to the President that way National Security is the responsibility of the ‘Commander in Chief’ as it should be.

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    The navy needs more ssks. the best bet as of now is the A-26 ssk from sweden which is even more advanced than the Gotland-class SSKs which are the best in the world. without delay india should acquire atleast 8-10 A-26 SSKs from sweden. time is running out for the IN, if the acquisition of more diesel subs are delayed then iam afraid the future is bleak for the indian navy.

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    Dear Shiv,

    Just curious. We all know that Adm. Arun Prakash is the best of the best and probably would have been the first CDS if YOU, DNA Joseph, Outlook and last but not the least his nephew had not done a hatchet job on him. What a pity 4 mediocre peope like the people I mentioned above could bring such a icon down. i pity my country, but shiv i think you are the most to blame. You ran the first headline saying his nephew is blacklisted but till date I have seen no proof that he was ever blacklisted. I am sure Adm. had no role in that and you have never been good enough to expose the fact that who prevented his blacklisting.


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    Admiral Arun Prakash has authored a book titled ‘From the Crows Nest’ published by the National Maritime Foundation.Those readers who wish to read more of him can get hold of a copy.It is a collection of his essays,speeches and articles.Highly recommended!


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