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F/A-18 India

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    i feel HAL need to better concentrate on Indigenous Production of Aircraft's like the way China Aviation Industry Corporation I & II are doing instead of doing labour and petty jobs like the fuselage or the doors for Airbus or Boeing.

    Common HAL it's already 60+ years over since the day we got Independence – come out of being slave to foreigners….

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    Trust our left parties to come up with a press release condemning HAL’s action which is designed to help Zionist Isreal’s development………..

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    @ Vin
    Plz let the guys earn some money to keep them going. Do you think Chengdu & Shengyang never made nething for the foreigners? The Chinese did that too & are still doing it. wt do u think JF-17/FC-1 is. It actually is a UK Super-7 order that never materialised. By working on such projects we tend to also learn a few new tricks of the trade that help us improve the next indigenous design apart from filling our coffers.
    Let's praise them for their well done job. Also dont forget – if they are well established as exporters, the import lobby will nor be able to make noises it does today. (or r u the vin chhadha from the import lobby – just kidding)

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    @ SmarterOne,

    Don`t you feel your statement is supporting copying work ??? ( – in exams…- kidding )….

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    smarter one ! u are smarter than that dumb vin…yes you are right .we can learn a lot in doing these types of works.whole HAL is not involved in this. only a section or dept undertakes these jobs! Beg,borrow,steal ..thats is the motto! There is nothing like having indigeneous capability. china has the capacity to xerox the entire su-27 and calls it J-11. In due course it will wxprot it to pakis!


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