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    Mobuto SesiSeko Kuku Navendu Wazawanga

    Corny eurotrash techo music aside that was a great video. I might re-edit that with a better track and upload it to YT. That’s only if you don’t mind.

    Love the blog Shiv and keep up the great work.

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    Shiv Aroor

    ha ha i totally agree with you. i’ve never seen a govt/defence video that’s had tasteful bkg music. always this sort of crap. please do go ahead and re-edit it all you want. maybe they’ll be inspired for the next time they make a video!

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    Think before editing the sound track—
    “Avoid Piracy, save the Nation”

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    crappy soundtrack, but excellent video and footage. great work shiv. do post more such stuff if you have more.

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    Excellent speed and maneuverability. Easy to use digital controls. Excellent system.

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    The Army really made the DRDO test it out under difficult circumstances..from the video, the Akash seems like a great system. the IA should order more of these, at least a couple more squadrons. There’s far too many Pechora squadrons that are due for retirement.

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    its very proud to see home grown weapons. Akash doesn’t failed in testing . its sad to say IAF has reduced the sqn’s from 8 to 2 nos in placing order akash missiles .

    For next generation akash should be modified to tube firing like s-300 / patriot . Pac 3 has 16 nos missiles in single launcher , DRDO should try to make more agile .

    Army / IAF need to place massive orders in Akash .

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    glad to see it…but long way to go


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