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    what he can do now,and what he did in the past by cancelling 197 helicopter tender,bofors tender,combat helicopter tender????

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    and thats why he sucks

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    I am not able to understand this ? People of Anthony’s ilk cancel the projects like the light chopper,155 self propelled artillery,anti material rifles, Mig 21 replacements and even the snow scooters for siachin and the shameless service chiefs do nothing – just nothing but suck upto whoever is in power and just damn their own soldiers and officers who are in dire need ot this basic equipment and even try to rationalise these acts of the people in power .

    Its high time that the Army does some introspection and promote only those officers who have some integrity and love for their motherland and their men – instead of planing post retirement plum postings and farm houses.

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    in armed forces or for that matter in any other govt. job people are hired on reference/reservation only,

    its way easier to go in infosys than being selected in SSB

    so such people get selected which come by reference and they do no good

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    the terminator

    He maybe a Mr. Clean and not susceptible to corruption but that in itself does not really help the defence of the country if he is going to arbitrarily cancel much needed equipment to the armed forces.

    Anyway I do not really trust any self-proclaimed atheist. It only shows that he feels he is above God and would do as he pleases.

    If he continues to play with the security of the country instead of fast tracking the major arms deals, then he is not fit to be a minister. He might as well be sent back to Kerala where he can do as he pleases at his own risk.

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    So tell me again what were his achivements in the last term ?


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